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September 1, 2011

John Leonard Orr

Glendale House Destroyed By Arson 1990

Item Subject Facts & Analysis
John Leonard Orr History
    • Former fire captain and arson investigator in Southern California
    • Convicted of serial arson in 1992
    • Convicted on four counts of first-degree murder in 1998 for fire deaths

"They are excited, eager, and motivated. And the alarm doesn’t sound nearly often enough."
- Ken Cabe, South Carolina State Forestry Commission

Nobody doubts fire is dangerous, and of course there is nothing wrong with holding fire drills and enforcing fire codes - or in the case of law enforcement - conducting stings and preventing crimes before they occur.

But what happens when security agents see threats that aren't there?  When Jack McClellan imagines pedophiles in large number?  When Kevin Strom sees Nazis everywhere?  When Scott Ritter creates fear about WMDs by discrediting peace activists?

Probably nothing happens.  Despite their divisive and inflammatory acts, the officers who cause proverbial fires (or trigger entire wars) will retire comfortably on public pensions.

John Leonard Orr is serving life imprisonment for his crimes.  The jury deadlocked on a death sentence.