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December 26, 2012

Google Logo

Item Subject Facts & Analysis
Logo Google Google's logo uses colors, letters, and placement to symbolize the West's strategy for intelligence and national security as reflected in the two major political parties.  Blue is the color of "democracy" and democrat values.  Red stands for everything else — including Communism, the Republicans, and the Nazis.  "G" means good (blue), while "e" means evil (red).

The arrangement of the red letter "o" next to the blue letter "G" shows the core method of today's intelligence agencies:  Keeping one's friends close, and one's enemies closer.  Note the CIA's method:  1. create a front 2. kill whoever joins (see Vietnam conflict).

The next "o" is yellow (as in caution) and held captive by the other blue "g", which pretends to be farther right politically but is nothing of the sort (see Shepard Smith's "THE G-BLOCK" at Foxnews).  The green letter "l" is cutting off anything not contained by the two G's, namely the "e" on the far-right.  Green is the color of money, so this might suggest economic subversion or keeping republicans poor.  In today's version of the logo, the red "e" is additionally being strangulated like a choked Pac-Man character.

This motif (Left/Right, Blue/Red, Good/Evil) has been used in many Google designs through the years.  China was right to expel Google for their games and hostility.  Everybody involved should have been arrested by the government and given heavy sentences.

Addendum: Notice that while both letter-G's are the same color (blue), the two letter-O's are different in color (red and yellow).  Also, one of the letter-O's strangely matches color with the letter-E (red).  This lack of balance all but proves the likely use of code and symbolism by the artist.  It's nauseating.

November 26, 2012


Item Subject Possible influence Facts & Analysis
The Lost City Of
Crystals Apple All of the best pseudoscience suggests Atlantis used advanced crystal technology to wield power and keep social order.  This is often portrayed as the focusing of a mysterious energy source, one that can cure death or drain souls like in Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal.

Most movies show Atlantean crystals as big geometric rocks, such as sapphire or amethyst.  But consider this...  You, the reader, are right now entranced by a liquid crystal display.  (Note that this can be either a monitor, your television, or perhaps even an iPhone.)

This blog won't cure illness or stop death in its tracks.  Rather its realistic aim is to stem the bleeding of souls by such methods as *perhaps* once used in Atlantis.

August 15, 2012

Domingo Zamudio

Item Subject Facts & Analysis
Domingo "Sam" Zamudio Music Domingo Zamudio was a sham.  He could not sing, at least not very well. But unlike the cons in our government, working in media, and a few people at NASA, Domingo was very honest about his poor vocals skills, having adopted the name "Sam the Sham" as front man for The Pharaohs — a very old Rock-and-Roll band that is no longer doing stuff.  With this open secret about his singing problems, the band still sold millions of albums that made people dance and be happy.

The lesson is that Domingo was very successful without having to lie about his cacophonous voice.

Domingo isn't dead yet. Please buy his music here or at his website.

July 8, 2012


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STS-115 NASA Unknown When children misbehave, they don't always tell parents right away because they fear they will be in trouble.  This is most true when parents have punished them too hard in the past.

Like those children who have misbehaved, NASA is covering up evidence of UFOs from the public.  NASA is doing this because they are afraid that the public will be angry at them for having done wrong. Also, the public is acting like parents who have been too hard on their children's past misbehaviors. They should go easy on NASA.

What NASA must realize, however, is how angry everyone will be at them if they continue covering things up.  Only by confessing RIGHT NOW will the workers at NASA avoid very hard criticism from the public once we discover the truth about UFOs.

June 25, 2012


Item Subject Possible influence Facts & Analysis
Nibiru Solar system Unknown There is no possibility that "Nibiru" exists as a 10th planet in our solar system, since no orbital mechanics can be demonstrated that aren't completely unstable.

It is possible, however, that what ancient astronomers thought was a planet was actually a space ship, perhaps like the Death Star. We must wait and see.

May 31, 2012

Secretary Yang


Item Subject Possible influence Facts & Analysis
Secretary Yang Government Communism There are good people in government.  They deserve to be recognized for their efforts — not harassed by meddling foreigners or by troublemakers like Chen.

April 23, 2012

Angie Gomez

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Name Occupation Possible influence Facts & Analysis
Angie Gomez Cancer survivor CIA
  • Battled leukemia from ages 2 to 13.
  • Founded Achieve the Dream Foundation, raising $17,000 in donations during her last months fighting cancer.
  • She miraculously lived.

While the media eagerly crucifies this young woman (who does have true physical challenges that likely impacted her judgement), they continue to shield the real maniacs who have stolen bejeweled nations by mock revolutions and xenophobic propaganda campaigns against anything non-western.  These are crimes of immense magnitude — paid for by unwitting taxpayers who have been emotionally and financially manipulated far worse than Ms. Gomez ever could have caused with her scheme.

Our government is (hypocritically) charging Angie Gomez with felony "theft-by-deception".  If they want to be good sports and make things right in the world, then they should re-examine their own agenda and ethics before charging Angie with anything.

April 16, 2012

Honor Code

SubjectFacts & Analysis

"A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do."

U.S. Military Academy

"We tell the truth and ensure that the full truth is known.
We do not lie."

U.S. Naval Academy 

"We will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate
among us anyone who does."

U.S. Air Force Academy

Whether by land, sea, or air, every cadet on this planet is expected to tell the truth and confront lies.  Only the navy allows non-reporting in some instances, probably owing to safety considerations of being stuck on a ship filled with drunken sailors.

Intelligence services can only be operating in another dimension, indeed an entirely different universe from the day they sign on.  What kind of people lie to start wars?  What honor is there in spying on anyone, or creating false news reports in hopes of toppling equally imagined threats like "hackers" and African warlords?

(For more analysis on cadet honor codes, please refer to this blog's entry: A Universal Process For Man)

April 13, 2012


Process deadlock

Item Subject Facts & Analysis
Process Business
Description:  A Universal Method For All Things Related To Man

Purpose:  To be used only for evil consequences and the distribution of chaos, including oppressive changes in power, the enslavement of spirits, inflicting of significant pain on human and animal subjects, or similar goals.

{Begin process}

1.  Advertise — make any kind of a promise or statements (preferably abstract and immeasurable)
2.  Establish trust by investment, friendship, or other means.
3.  Do anything or nothing at all.
4.  Fail.
5.  Blame people for not following Step 3:
a.  accurately
b.  reverently
c.  long enough

{Repeat, stop, or flee}

Additional excuses for process failure include a lack of proper licensing, disregarding fine print, or (rarely) God's will.  Step 5 can be enhanced by accusing critics of crimes such as those that the process owner commits regularly.  In all instances, the user is solely responsible for failure to achieve the aims given in Step 1.  The owner of the process and Step 3 in particular are totally sacrosanct and beyond reproach.  All glorious exceptions to Step 4 shall be credited to the process Creator and to no (other) man.

[Please note that the above process is owned and licensed exclusively through this blog (©2012)]

April 10, 2012

Fred Rogers

Fred Rogers, late 1960s.jpg

Name Occupation Possible influence Facts & Analysis
Fred Rogers Neighbor Make-believe
Fred Rogers' career-long exploitation of fantasy was a model in ethical pretense and illusion.  Perhaps one may credited his training as a Presbyterian minister for such values... or perhaps that was just him.


Richard lee at intche10

Name Occupation Possible influence Speculation / circumstantial evidence
Richard Lee Activist Unknown
  • Established a school that teaches about cannabis, emphatically advocating that government regulate, control, and tax the drug
  • Requires ("absolutely, yes") complete listing of personal information for registration
  • Donations not accepted 
  • Raided by the DEA, IRS, and U.S. Marshals in April 2012, despite an executive pledge of non-interference
  • Scheduled the week following Richard Lee on Dean Becker's Drug Truth (a radio show sponsored by Rice University's James A. Baker III Institute For Public Policy) was none other than Barry Cooper.  (See here)

Believe it or not, many people support decriminalizing marijuana, and most of them are not undercover or against government taxing the drug trade.  Despite the odd circumstances listed above, there is no reason to think Richard Lee isn't sincere in his work.

March 26, 2012

Marie Colvin

Name Occupation Possible influence Speculation / circumstantial evidence
Marie Colvin Reporter CIATo celebrate her retirement, the CIA decided to "kill" one of their long-standing propagandists Ms. Marie Colvin, even staging a grotesque mock funeral on Long Island. Colvin's death was attributed to a rocket attack in Syria, ████████████

Bear in mind as you watch the above video of Ms. Colvin's mother, Rosemarie, that her daughter supposedly died only 1 day prior — her fondest memories being that she grew up "during Women's Rights, Vietnam protests ... without instant news!"

(And please... do laugh at the photoshopped family portrait visible at 0:59)

Retiring with Ms. Colvin (left) was a French photographer, Remi Ochlik, a young man of far less manipulative value in shaping public emotions and U.S. foreign policy.

March 22, 2012


Name Occupation Possible influence Speculation / circumstantial evidence
Kim Dotcom CEO ManyMegaupload was an intelligence front with several goals:

  • subversion of China, much in the spirit of undermining Soviet countries by spreading "pop culture" (propaganda and drugs)
  • confronting the problem of media monopolies — although to what end is a great question
  • anti-corruption efforts against U.S. politicians
  • gathering intelligence (duh.)

Kim Dotcom is an actor whose reign and demise was quite typical: arrogant, "controversial", and entirely unethical.  The final act was, predictably, to make an example out of the character.  But whatever comes of his trial and sentencing, it is all just a show.

Is it right to establish legal precedent this way?  Using hypothetical crimes... committed by agency-backed front groups?

{NB-  the world's major media companies (all 3 of them now) were probably compensated for losses incurred by the program — losses that were already happening regardless of Megaupload's existence.}

March 21, 2012

The Wizard

Name Occupation Possible influence Facts & Analysis
Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs Wizard CIA Gentle reader,

There is a man behind the curtain.  We are not paranoid for saying so.  It is not "confirmation bias" to look.  It is only right to wonder why smoke should blow and fire erupt at his bidding.  It is also right to question his illusions, agenda, and where he acquired such powers. By doing this, we are not siding with witches, disbelieving in rainbows, and we most certainly shouldn't be called crazy.

Total joy and peace are possible in this lifetime. Lies - noble or otherwise - cannot last long in our universe.  Please have a great day.

March 19, 2012


Name Occupation Possible influence Speculation / circumstantial evidence
Kony General CIA A.  "The Kony conspiracy", being so blatant and with almost mainstream acceptance at this point, appears to be something of a demonstration.  It is a warning (perhaps even a confession by those conducting the operation) that such conspiracies can happen.

B.  (A) is the optimistic view.  More cynically, the CIA stumbled...  Their plans to wage war against Christian-Islamic-African-Chinese terrorists (ie. steal oil by interfering with peaceful foreign business) are not going well.

C.  Both (A) and (B) could be true.

January 27, 2012

Salman Rushdie

Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie
ABOVE: Salmon Rushdie explains to women

Name Occupation All About Salmon Rushdie
Salman Rushdie Novelist
  • According to CelebrityNetWorth, Salman Rushdie is worth $15 million "through his many publications, his role in film, and his cameo appearances in television shows".
  • So dull are Rushdie's novels that Ruhollah Khomeini ████████████ took pity on the Briton and ordered a fatwa to kill Rushdie — thus catapulting his career to unimaginable success.
  • In June 2007, Rushdie's achievement in helping to spread psychosis-inducing fear worldwide was rewarded by Queen Elizabeth II with a knighthood "for services to literature".

At least Wikileaks founder Julian Assange appears to have recused himself from accepting a £930,000 book deal in 2011. Such courageous restraint from amassing fortunes off fame gained through intelligence tricks is indeed admirable.

Left:  Night bachelor, the Knight Bachelor, suffers the seclusion of a free-speech hero persecuted by the former

Photo credit: The Daily Mail

January 13, 2012

David Duke


Name Occupation Possible influence Speculation / circumstantial evidence
David Duke Racist Unknown
  • David Duke is an informant who makes every effort to deny being racist or antisemitic, while going to far greater lengths to establish the opposite.
  • Once married to "Chloê Hardin", now the supposed wife of agent Don Black.  (Evidence of Ms. Hardin's very existence is scant, notwithstanding numerous fanciful articles detailing her relationships with David and Don.)
  • Actress Lori Eden was used as David Duke's girlfriend.  In a 2003 interview, she plainly admits that his racism is for show... perhaps the only honest thing ever written about him.
  • Duke's latest schtick is pretending to be an "anti-zionist", pretending to be a zionist, pretending to be an anti-zionist, pretending... You get the idea.

After first running as a Democrat in the presidential primaries of 1988, Duke switched exclusively to Republican runs in Louisiana.  The political damage caused by these actions is incalculable in terms of lost votes for any conservative candidate within the state and should rightly be regarded as election interference.

January 9, 2012

Joseph Paul Franklin

Name Occupation Possible influence Speculation / circumstantial evidence
Joseph Paul Franklin serial killer unknown impostor "" (emphasis on TRUE) reports on his many crimes.

In the time since he attempted to assassinate Larry Flint, God Himself has performed no less than 3 miracles on Joseph Paul Franklin:

  • Joe's blind, lazy eye is now an energetically seeing one.
  • Both of his eyes (one might count this as 2 miracles) have turned from brown to pale green.
  • His receding hairline has reversed itself - or perhaps it looped fully around his skull and came to a halt, which is still remarkable.

Another unlikely blessing was the issuing of hair dye to death row inmates at the Potosi Correctional Center, where this thrice-miracled-by-God individual awaits well-deserved execution.

Besides targeting monthly romance publishers, Joe has also confessed to the attempted murder of Vernon Jordan, the well-connected Washington insider who advised Bill Clinton during his reign. While it's impossible to sort out exactly what these connections mean, it is clear that some false narrative is being established out of the many true crimes he committed.

One possibility is that Joe's legal defense fund (link withheld) serves as a trap for anyone evil or crazy enough to donate. Still another scenario is that somebody's security budget needs to be spent, regardless of actual need.

January 6, 2012



Item Subject Facts & Analysis
Tibet Tibet Imagine if China were to allow the Dalai Lama to reclaim his throne in once-feudal Tibet, but with conditions:

  • The new monarch must pledge secret loyalty to China's Communist Party.
  • While reigning, he must feign corruption, ineptitude, and severe human rights abuses.
  • China's news media will assist in the deception by publishing fabrications about his outrageous behavior, and by portraying suspecting citizens as paranoid, racists, and lunatics.
  • The undercover Lama will reform Tibet in China's image, to the benefit of both nations (naturally, as determined by China).

Is this a repugnant scheme?  How does it compare with what was done in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, ████████████ and {where else?} by Western governments?