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October 31, 2013


Subject Comments
Blue Is A Warm Color (film)
  • One eye = Illuminati theme
  • Blue eyes and blue hair

So... Europe thinks they invented lesbian freedom! France in particular feels they invented making movies about lesbians, or about liberating them from ignorant slave masters.  Is this why they gave an award to Tunis/French film director Abdellatif Kechiche — for his crude film about a girl with blue hair who loves other ladies? Seeking spurious controversy, the director made the movie slightly "explicit". Perhaps he was trying to offend the extremists living just one or two countries away, for whatever reason.

Color fact:  Red invented lesbian cinema, not Blue.

It was 1957 when director Xie Jin released Woman Basketball Player No. 5 to audiences in China.  The film was a hit.  In fact, everyone had to go see it.  For the rest of his career (with only one brief interruption) Xie Jin wrote and directed other lesbian blockbusters like Stage Sisters and Penitentiary Angel.

None of these Chinese lesbian films were of the exploitation genre like many Italian directors produce for men's private viewing. Only genuine unpleasant women with same-sex proclivities were portrayed in Xie's movies. His final movie, Woman Soccer Player No. 9, came out in 2001 to amazing reviews.

Xie Jin's Hand Print
Xie Jin, BIFF

October 30, 2013

Tawana Brawley

Al Sharpton, 1989 Protest March, Brooklyn NY

Subject Race and Prejudice
Tawana BrawleyIn 1987, Tawana Brawley (who is Black) claimed that she was raped by White people. Everyone believed her at first, until a little later on when the story unraveled. 26 years afterward, people still pick on Ms. Brawley for her foolish prank.

Now consider Elizabeth Smart and her hoax. Nobody attacks her for lying, probably because of her blond hair and blue eyes. Then there is Lara Logan, who also has blond hair and blue eyes. No one dares question her rape story, which she probably made up in Egypt.

Journalists call this "activism" and "giving women a voice…"

Well Elizabeth Logan, who ever you are, you sure gave us a mouth. PRC appreciates your hard work to glorify Communist system over your freedom to lie and never be challenged during NPR blabber-fest programs. Nor during BU question-and-answer period, or whatever dumb college invites you to come fib like Ms. Brawley.

October 29, 2013

Matthew Shepard

Wy albany county map
Wyoming = Yellow State

Subject China Fairness
Matthew ShepardIn a desperate effort to save face they never had, the American news media is attempting to re-frame and salvage the Matthew Shepard hoax by claiming this-or-that about his "killers".  Namely, that they all did drugs or otherwise knew each other.

The true origin of this story was the result of an American jury trial where "gay panic" was used by the defence. So outraged were the producers of ABC News that they, along with the fraudulent Westboro Baptist Church, decided to fool their stupid American viewers with typical American lies.  Suddenly the real backstory (somewhere between a lover's quarrel and Danny Bonaduce overreacting to something he probably should have known) became:


This is precisely the same news media that lies about everything related to China. They are the same evil manipulators and U.S. journalists who set out to defame others and push their Western agenda by any means necessary. None of them should be spared from the harshest ridicule imaginable, nor allowed a shred of understanding which they have never shown toward other countries and governments through all of history.

October 28, 2013

Mac Pro

Subject About the Mac Pro
Mac ProWhen studying B-ble prophesy, it's important to keep your head and not jump to insane conclusions. Some shapes are so simple that you can read almost anything you want into them.

Confusion of Tongues Take Apple's new Mac Pro for example. For one thing, "Mac Pro" really does mean "Macintosh professional" and not "machine propaganda", even though that's usually how the Mac Pro is used — for the worship of robots.

Secondly, notice the shape of it. It's only coincidence that it looks a little bit like Tower of Babel paintings. Lots of things look that way... including soda and beer cans, the list goes forever.

Lastly, don't worry that Mavericks OS supports OpenCL for cross-platform code execution on many various processors.  Soon after God struck down Babel's hubris-filled tower, he confounded our spoken languages, not the kernels and API standards used by computer programs.

By approaching things rationally, let us seek to avoid logical pitfalls.

Devils Tower banner
Devil's Tower in Wyoming, USA.

October 23, 2013


Left image: Philip Sears / Corbis, Right image: via Canadian Press
All About Kenya
A lot of Republicans go hard on their president because of his black Kenyan looks. They say Obama is an actor who is pulling a scam based on Photoshopped birth-papers... But take a look at the pictures above, and decide who are the real scammers who should be thrown out of government.

On the left is a 4x4 pickup truck, filled with gun-toting Good Old Boys. They are relaxing in the sun while engaged in something no less than a classic Southern swindle. This "drill" scenario came complete with a mock funeral and a brigade of online agents who attacked anyone who dared question the story being reported. Try to imagine if Chinese officials had done this: how would it be reported by NPR, Reuters, and Fox News? They would say, "Blah blah blah, state-run media, Tiananmin Lama hackers…"

(The FBI may want to check their diversity quotient too, Alabama being over one-quarter Black population.)

Now look at the photo on the right. Those are real Kenyans responding to terrorism by al-Qaeda. They are not just acting — they are scared for their lives!! And unlike USA shootings, they can't just pretend that a mentally ill Buddhist did it for lack of adequate "health screening" or something.

Sadly, the average Kenyan soldier is so poorly paid that they now stand accused of looting the mall they were sent to liberate. Maybe if they could make up fake kidnappings, then they wouldn't have done that...

Kenya's army, too, could use some diversity training.

October 22, 2013

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln poster (2011)        Lincoln poster (2012)

Abraham Lincoln (U.S. President)

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln had the same first name as Abraham of the B-ble. Both men faced trouble with slavery, but that's the only similarity they ever had. Still, this link is strong enough that Lincoln as a symbol was bound to be hijacked by politics, and two sneaky movie directors did just that. They went and re-wrote history.
Tissot Abraham Sees Sodom in Flames
The real Abraham Lincoln didn't swear or have an annoying wife. Nor did he pose for movie posters by dropping his trousers to moon the American Right (see poster above).

Abraham of the B-ble begged with God not to destroy Gomorrah or Sodom for their swearing. Also, his wife Sarah was impregnated by some sort of abduction phenomenon. Nobody seems to know how else a woman in her 90s could have had children except by such means.

Notice how the American five-dollar bill was recently redesigned to show a look of disgust on Lincoln's face toward the Right. It looks nothing like Mathew Brady's portrait of President Lincoln, nor any historical source. Perhaps the U.S. Treasury hired Google Doodle to draw their new currency? Possibly.

October 13, 2013

Chrome Logo

Google Chrome icon (2011)
Subject Full Color Analysis
Chrome logoThe true meaning behind Google's Google logo has been exposed. Also the frequent rude insults coming from Google's Google Doodles are proven. Now let's examine what Google's Google Chrome logo means.

First, look at where Blue is located- right in the center of things. It holds a "centrist" position. The other three colors are spinning around in a deadlock: Green is being pushed down, cautionary Yellow is rising, and Red gets pushed leftward (by watching Fox News for example). These are "extremist" colors, meaning anything other than Blue and perhaps Purple which can do what it wants.

This design is rather like Henry Kissinger's policy of trying to make everyone in the room fight, so that he could control Richard Nixon — the only good president since Roosevelt. That's what he did in the Middle East, anyway.

Who gets to say what is Blue and "moderate"? Take a guess:

You would think someone who once did lexical analysis for a living would recognize secret codes, but since Google Chairman Eric Schmidt is a very rich democrat, he probably doesn't care.

The fact is- Mr. Schmidt is nobody's "Chairman".  No matter which web browser you use, he is not worthy of the title.

October 10, 2013

Forrest Gump

Subject Poster Analysis
Forrest Gump (film)The American movie Forrest Gump was made in 1994 under the Clinton authority. It argues strongly that Southern conservatives aren't truly evil, just stupid. Nearly all right-wingers of the day embraced this message eagerly saying, "Yes it's true, we really are dumb!" Notice:

  • One-eye imagery suggests Illuminati film
  • "Ignorant" man has been benched and sent packing
  • He is looking to the left

It's probably not a coincidence that July 6 release date was exactly 50 years after Jackie Robinson refused to move toward the back of a bus and was court-martialed. This would explain why actor Tom Hanks is all alone at a bus stop — because it's a secret message about Mr. Robinson's incident.

Well... Those left-wing reactionaries who filmed this putrid manure ought to know the dangers of going soft on rightists by excusing their crimes as plain ignorance or a slight mental condition! The only greater risk to a movement is if true revolutionaries were to go too easy on misguided leftists, who themselves feign ignorance and deny their repeated failures to introspect and correct their wrong ways.

October 8, 2013

Fox Logo

Subject Full Color Analysis
Fox logoThe Fox News logo is very offensive based on color.  It appears rather harmless, but the logo is actually shaped like a giant blue millstone that's slowly grinding away at a shrinking red base.  (The center eye-hole where grain gets poured in isn't shown, because that would be too obvious then.)

Millstone Anatomy That's the key purpose to Fox News in the first place: to attract stupid rightists, so they can slowly be made into stupider leftists. Notice how all of their viewers complain "Oh, Fox is too liberal now!"  Meaning that Fox no longer supports blind pointless convention, but instead supports blind pointless progress as favored by democrats.

Conservative viewers are being fooled by Fox News... Good! They deserve that.

What is totally unacceptable is the misuse of RED by air-headed anchor girls, plus wrongly associating this color with the Republican party rather than with Chinese Communism and other lovely ideas such as pretty red roses.

October 3, 2013


Subject Discussion
OS XIf you ask an Apple Genius "what is Mavericks?", he or she will grin and say "Oh, that's Apple's new operating system named after Mavericks Beach in California!" {snicker}  Not all Apple retail employees are fork-tongued snakes — only most of them are. The real definition of Mavericks is found in the dictionary. It says:
1.  an unbranded calf, cow, or steer
2.  alt.: a person pursuing rebellious, even potentially disruptive, policies or ideas
Worshiping the golden calf
So the true meaning behind "Mavericks" is a calf, much like the Golden Calf that was mistakenly worshiped by the Israelites of Exodus. A second meaning is "rebel", maybe like in George Lucas' space opera Star Wars, or perhaps rebellion against God by worshiping wrong idols.

Take a look at Maverick's official wallpaper from Apple — see how it resembles a giant wave, doesn't it? It looks just like a flood, or an Old Testament deluge caused by God or Global Warming.

If you want to be dumb, go ahead and download the full resolution wallpaper to display on you desktop. This is very foolish though...

October 2, 2013


Stamp Manchukuo 1935 15f

Subject History
Last EmperorImagine to think you are a great emperor, then made less than a man under cruel occupation, and finally restored as a proud equal citizen by communist liberation. This was the life and trials of China's last emperor, Puyi.

As the story goes, at age ten Puyi was being slipped aphrodisiacs by the palace eunuchs, then given numerous concubines and left rampaging until dawn. The reason they did this was so that his servants could relax and play chess the next morning while the emperor slept late.

All of this traditionally-too-young sex left him exhausted and impotent, unable to hit on girls or scuffle with men. As a grownup, Puyi would burst into tears trying to tie his own shoes, despite long re-education attempts, this effort was too much for him. Also his behavior was "funny".

Puyi. They called him a puppet of Manchukuo vermin… a pawn in Mao's Revolution… a useless queer who was solely responsible for Qing dynasty's downfall and ushering in Communism.

Truly, China's last emperor was the greatest emperor of them all.

Puyi and Mao Zedong