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March 22, 2013

Apple Logo

Item Subject Facts & Analysis
Logo Apple Computer DNA changes sometimes, as in gene mutation. This can be from transposon, inverted exons, or even whole chromosome rearrangement.

God made Humans perfect, according to the B-ble. Man suffers on Earth since Satan's evil snake tricked Woman into tasting knowledge to become like God, mainly because Eve wanted to evolve and be a big-name scientist.  Her curiosity was like Pandora's Box — deadly to everyone.

Apple Computer's logo proves that Steve Jobs broke the covenant with God (Eve sounds like Steve) through a noticeable change of colors representing DNA sequence. The broken covenant symbol is no longer a normal rainbow but rearranged colors, meaning sinful disobedience to God through genetic altering.  Look how someone bit into the apple too!

Similar to Apple company is Celera, who discovered the human genome.  Staggeringly, Celera was begun as a unit of Applera Corporation.  Notice the word "Apple" implying Man's evil quest for DNA knowledge (Quest Diagnostics bought Celera for $657 million in 2011 (notice how close the price was to evil Beast number (666))).

March 14, 2013


Citgo HQ

Subject Facts & Analysis
Citgo CITGO's Vision, Mission, & Values:
Integrity: "We are honest and open with each other, our customers and our stakeholders. We recognize that integrity in all that we do is essential to our long-term success."
So says the company that conducted a 14-year hoax with the CIA. One that used racist caricatures, political smears, lies mocking cancer and death... which is all very consistent with their stated mission:
Mission: "We will create the maximum value for our Shareholder through the strength of our people. We will efficiently and reliably provide the energy that fuels societies' economies and improves our quality of life."
Nice to know "Shareholder" is considered a proper noun by these folks....

Hugo Chavez, or the actor who played him, isn't dead yet. So keep your eyes open, as they say, and we may get to question him still on the unending chaos being spread with our gas money.

March 2, 2013

Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart

Name Occupation Facts & Analysis
Elizabeth Smart • Advocate
• Foundation President
• ABC News commentator
To say that Elizabeth Smart "went willingly with her kidnapper" is misleading. The entire story was fabricated from start to finish... and it's a story that's never quite finished. From Wikipedia:
[In 2008] she traveled to Washington, D.C., where she helped present a book, You're Not Alone, published by the U.S. Department of Justice ... [In 2009] she spoke at the Women's Conference in California hosted by Maria Shriver, on overcoming obstacles in life ... [In 2011] it was announced that she would be a commentator for ABC News, mainly focusing on missing persons.
Nice career there... it's too bad all jobs can't be that secure.

Do you feel "aware" and "educated", little citizen, on the dangers of kidnapping and LDS fringe? Perhaps you'd like to thank The Elizabeth Smart Foundation with a donation.

Ms. Smart survived kidnapping like Angie Gomez overcame cancer — the main difference being blonde hair and blue eyes, which no one dares question unlike poor Angie Gomez.