December 9, 2014


Dr. Dre in 2011What’s Beats? And why is Apple thinking of buying Beats for $3 billion dollars? Beats is a brand of headphones for listening to music. They also have a special system for playing music over the internet that Apple wants. For this, they are thinking of buying Beats for $3 billion dollars.

Consider that Bose noise-canceling headphones have been around many years. Bose company also makes speakers. So, it’s strange how Andre Young boasted about lucrative Beats buy, yet Bose founder Amar Bose only banks 1 or 2 billion bucks. Maybe Apple deal is some kind of charity. Last year, Mr. Dre and his close friend Jimmy Iovine gave $70 million dollars so that poor schools can have money. Hmmm...

Isn’t it funny how the only black executive at Apple is famous for gangs and not liking women? Apple executives are also all men, not counting Angela Ardents who is a joke. Isn’t it humorous how the USA raises up violent criminals, while at the same time raping Bill Cosby's character without due process or trial?

June 12, 2014

William Buckley

Catholic-looking Catholic Pat Buchanan defined today’s conservatism. Very old people may remember William Buckley, the New York Times bestselling author who was so right-wing religious that he preferred Latin masses over clearly spoken English ones.

Bill Best-Sell Buckley once wrote deep religious book called "Near My God". It seems that fork-tongued Wilhelm didn’t like the original title, "Why I Am Still A Catholic" for reasons he explained.  To put this in simplified Chinese, 他从来不是这个。 (Translation: He never really was one.)

Are you amazed that evil George MacBundy penned tongue-in-cheek attack on fellow U. of Yale lover?  You must see that 60's right-wing snake pit was chief cause for Nixon’s list of opponents – mostly proved who all killed JFK.

Notice how son of son-of-bitch Buckley Christopher voted for Obama. How stupid is every republican on Earth?

June 10, 2014


Panorma Jerusalem vomHospiz JPEG

Women of the Wall Standing at PrayerJerusalem is the Holiest of cities in all three religions on Earth. Its rich history practically invented the passive voice, with phrases like “It is said that…” and “Blah blah blah ... Israel!”  Each year millions of pilgrims go there to gawk and close their minds a little bit more.

Of course it isn’t just Muslim women who struggle for rights within their own faith. Nor only Mormon wives, who are alternately oppressed or liberated depending what’s on television.  In Jerusalem, Jewish women have also fought for the right to bang their heads on a wall when either a mat or a man isn’t available.

If you didn't know better, one might imagine this was all just an act – a charade meant to mock the old ways and get with the times.  It is important for us to think rationally though.

Kaaba (1) Makkah (Mecca) (crop)                       

June 8, 2014

Mitt Romney

LDS Conference Center interior panoramic

About Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney is a Mormon. You can tell since he does Mormon things, for example wearing good clothes, and by going to Utah. He was also a bishop who helped manage the church’s boundless social welfare programs.

There are many misunderstandings about LDS church. You might think they were once very backward like in covered-wagon times, and not because they want you to think that. You might also think that they had a polygamy problem like the FLDS cult explained here.  But they don't want you to think that either about them!

No, the Mormon church has been framed. It was non-LDS people who invented FLDS to fool ABC News, whose anchors were duped by some very good actors, none of whom were real Mormons. The fact is that real Mormons believe in an end to women's suffering, in mandated insurance, and in Human Rights overseas.

This is why Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz left 5000 years of his heritage to join Mitt Romney’s religion. Because he likes Human Rights too.

June 6, 2014

Pat Buchanan

About Pat Buchanan, Conservative
Too often we have to pay right-leaning blowhards to act stodgy and mean. But if you can’t find All In Family stooge to potray certain types, you can always animate or use puppets.

Lucky left-wing to have Pat Buchanan. He is a real Republican who doesn’t like gays and tangles with Holocaust situation. He is a Catholic – and there are many Catholics just like him. If you don’t believe me, try watching old Crossfire program. Notice how Pat is seated on the right-hand side of the screen, meaning Conservativism. He cracks jokes about Baptism, meaning strong religious beliefs.

Pat’s Crossfire boss was Ted Turner, worth $2.2 billion and married to Jane Fonda for a convenient length of time. Every day, Pat risked upsetting his boss with views like “lower our taxes!” and “God this-or-that”. Why Mr. Turner never fired him is a mystery!

Pat is a real Republican though. He even wrote speeches for U.S. President Richard Nixon. It’s only coincidence that Pat looks slightly like Henry Kissinger, the man who chained President Nixon on a tight leather leash all those years. The truth is that many Catholics look just like Henry or Pat.

June 4, 2014

Fort Hood

    Nidal Hasan

June 1, 2014


Yosemite Fallen Tree
About OS X Yosemite

Apple Computer is the company behind OS X Yosemite operating system for Macintosh. According to California's state government, the word Yosemite is American Indian for "those who kill". The Yosemite tribe were composed of renegades from multiple tribes, just like Mavericks that was exposed last year.

Shem, Ham and JaphethNotice "Yosemite" contains the root word semite meaning people descended from Shem, the eldest son of Noah. This includes the Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs.


May 30, 2014

Maya Angelou

My Heroes - Maya Angelou connected with countless people through her powerful poetryCivil Rights leader and Beat poet Maya Angelou has died. She was pretty old.

During her lifetime, Maya was raped. She is also credited with discovering the causes behind flight-restricted birds communicating in song. One clear sign of her greatness is how many schools in the U.S. require reading her books.

In 1970, Maya was nominated for a National Book Award and appeared on The New York Times bestseller list, along with Michael Crichton’s Andromeda Strain, which was later turned into film.

Although available on DVD, a definitive blu-ray edition of Andromeda Strain has yet to be released.

May 2, 2014

Richard Nixon

Ballet scene at the Great Hall of the People attended by President and Mrs. Nixon during their trip to Peking, China - NARA - 194416
“The ballet was of course... as you all know... it had its message."  -President Nixon
Mao always said that if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything. However it wasn't the evening's sponsors who stifled the President's views on the Red Women's Detachment ballet and prevented him from saying how much he liked it. Instead it was his own evil press and advisers – many of whom knew, roughly, the real story behind President Kennedy's death eight years earlier and helped cover it up. It's possible that President Nixon had this in mind when he spoke rather cautiously afterward.
Richard Nixon 09 Jul 1972
Sadly, his restraint failed to win favor with the goons minding his presidency. Only four months after his visit, the same circle of inner elites helped orchestrate Watergate scandal.  These bastards knew exactly how to exploit American paranoia by focusing on some "missing" audio tapes.  Like the gun that is missing from your coat pocket right now... That actually proves you carried a murder weapon, n'est pas?

No Western reporters should ever be trusted inside China. They lie and are arrogant. They are mean to their own people. And the same giant egos are still working in journalism to this day.

Historians like claiming that only President Nixon could go to China in 1972, for some unexplained reasons. If only he had really done that.  Next time come alone, Mr. President.

May 1, 2014


Black molly1
About Molly

In nature, Poecilia sphenops is a species of fish, known under the common name molly. Mollys inhabit fresh water streams and coastal brackish waters of Mexico.  In news media, "molly" is a drug used by kids. They inhabit the party scene and coastal gutters of America.  Kids communicate with each other through dance and by pheromones.

CNN says molly drug is "flooding the western world" and "coming from laboratories inside China".  US DEA calls American drug habit... "Russian" roulette.  (Think you mean Yankee roulette, scapegoating fools.)  CNN continues:
"U.S. officials say they are discussing the issue with the Chinese government, but most of these chemicals are legal in China."
Tell you what let's do:  China takes control of Long Island island, one dozen harbors, and eight-million taels of silver. China also wins right to sell drugs anywhere in USA.  Also please arrest liar Sarah Bajc, and stop trying to cause turmoil in the only stable society China has had in centuries. Then China may shut down those labs, if they even exist.

April 28, 2014


Apis mellifera carnica worker hive entrance 2
About Honeybees

Keeping bees (or beekeeping) is the maintenance of honey bee colonies, typically in hives, by humans. A beekeeper keeps bees in order to collect honey and other bee products the hive makes. Bees communicate with each other through dance and with pheromones.

Keeping slaves (or slavery) is similar to beekeeping. Slaves may work mining gold, for example, which slave keepers turn into gold bars. Bees, too, work tirelessly their whole lives only to have their honey put in jars.

Bees can't understand any of this, and they probably wouldn't care if they did.  Even so... isn't it strange that despite thousands of years mining gold, there is never enough of it in the bank?

April 27, 2014

Midnight's Children


  • Half-face and one eyes probably means something
  • Clocks all point to mid-night, 1947
  • Blue color is used throughout book

Yellow penis logo internet retailer sells British-India fiction novel Midnight's Children, written by son-of-a-bitch liar Salman Rushdie. Book clubs everywhere call the plot convoluted and dumb (if you actually read the book) and its metaphors don't make any sense. But then maybe they aren't truly metaphors. Taken literally, themes like telepathy, cords in your nose, and so-called "slumdogs" saving India all point to possible E.T. hybrid conspiracy, whereby implant-controlled starchilds rule under Heavenly Mandate (aka The Divine Right of Kings) in a bucolic land once badly raped by British Queen.

Funny how this book came out in 1980 - just a few years before Operation Blue Star seized India, hence making sad Sikh story a cause for near-anything. (By the way... why not Green or Pink Star operation? Answer: recall proven Chrome logo principle.)

And they call this "democracy".

Ask yourself: Why would someone write a true story and then call it fiction? Also, why does Amazon's Kindle picture show an eleven-piece serpent coiled around a star-cradle? We call that "idiocracy".

April 26, 2014

Patrick II

These days, it seems like everyone is talking about the UFO phenomenon – also known as the ET encounter or alien abduction experience. While officials vehemently deny the possibility that life exists outside our earth, waves of strange sightings continue to be reported all over the globe. Many of these sightings come from highly credible witnesses, including ex-military officers and other reputable sources.

In order to prevent widespread panic, the so-called Disclosure movement was started. Far from "disclosing" much, these programs serve mainly to stop scientific investigation and instead promote easy answers to truly disturbing questions.  Indeed, many "second" abductions are thought to be the Army's effort at comforting victims. Recall that old saying about ET reality: "I Want To Believe."  Perhaps the best response to that is, "You don't want to know."

April 25, 2014


Jimmy Flynt and Larry Flynt 1977

All About Smut
"I had a bank officer confide in me... He showed me the actual document that came from the Homeland Security department suggesting that porn - particularly violent porn - is used by terrorists to funnel money."
  -Brent Scott
File:Ed Wood photo.jpg
Years ago, U.S. sex trade was all criminals. In order to fight evil mob racket, directors like Ed Wood worked with authorities to make movies that put evil mob out of business.  Ed also made movies about UFO Disclosure, unrelated to this stuff.

Also noteworthy is Larry Flynt. Thanks to his work, sex jobs are much safer for women. On-set psychiatrist holds hand of girl getting ----- and asks "Is this okay?"  The ladies are paid with real money, not just in drugs, and they also get holidays off to spend time with family. Larry also makes up for his sleaze empire by giving back "rights" activism. Rights like speech, civil, and gay.

You may think this is progress, but in order to make $$money the American news keeps telling lies. They say some actress got killed, stud went to jail, or school teacher was fired. Websites like Radar and Smoking Gun lie worse than NASA – they say everyone has AIDS, and soon there are ten more foundations claiming to fix these problems.  What a bunch of jerks.

April 23, 2014

Barbara Stanwyck

Barbara Stanwyck Big Valley 1965April is Women's Awareness Month. (Please wear color salmon - either normal #FFA07A or pink-salmon #FF91A4.)  Today we give great respect to the late Barbara Stanwyck, who never won an Oscar but achieved fame on Broadway and rose to highest acclaim in cinema and on television. From Wikipedia:
Barbara Stanwyck (born Ruby Catherine Stevens; July 16, 1907 – January 20, 1990) was an American actress. She was a film and television star, known during her 60-year career as a consummate and versatile professional with a strong, realistic screen presence, and a favorite of directors including Cecil B. DeMille, Fritz Lang and Frank Capra. After a short but notable career as a stage actress in the late 1920s, she made 85 films in 38 years in Hollywood, before turning to television.

Not content playing the role of a passive Southern belle, Barbara's portrayal of matriarch Victoria Barkley during the mid-1960s television series The Big Valley was considered amazing. Though strong-willed and courageous, no one can deny her grace and elegance too. Despite being politically conservative, one should recall that Barbara lived in an era when social progress was something something something and stuff, making her very ahead of her time.

Barbara Stanwyck was married twice and died on January 20, 1990 at Saint John's Health Center.