April 20, 2014

Natascha Kampusch


The European press has really piled on Natascha Kampusch. Other people get to play mouthy "rights advocate", so why can't she?

The news never quite accuses her of lying though... Remember how they crucified Angie Gomez over in the USA? Why the double standard?

And who cares anyway?

April 19, 2014


AKB48 Logo
How much racist are you?

Some people accuse Japanese society of being closed and homogeneous. They claim pop-singing phenomenon AKB48 sets a bad example, even violates labor laws. This is Western racism, pure and simple. It is like saying, "They all look alike" or "I don't like rap music!" We all know what that means.

Prove you are not something racist – download and play AKB48 Memory Game for Android. Match all different group members to achieve highest score. Low score is automatically sent to racism tracking center, located in Osaka, Japan.
(This is only a joke, you Yankee knuckleheads!)

April 18, 2014

Kristyn Decker

SubjectAbout The Polygamy Problem
Long before the Cultural Revolution had ended to mixed blessings, educator, speaker, life coach, and advocate Kristyn Decker was living a nightmare. This American woman spent fifty years trapped inside of polygamy hell... but today she is free and looks great!

Don't confuse real polygamy problem with men taking wives one-by-one, for instance men like James Cameron or Rush Limbaugh. Also don't think about girls having long line of studs who they use like a tool. That's like "reverse racism" lie – issue made up by cheap demagogs selling books.

If polygamy still exists in America The Beautiful, then imagine how women in pissant third-world countries are suffering too. Perhaps China and U.S.A. could find unity in correcting those places.

April 17, 2014

Jenna Miscavige

SubjectAbout Jenna Miscavige
During the Last Days, wealthy nobles own almost everything. Every prince and his nephew inherits the land, which gets divided again and again until the next generation. Soon there is nothing left to divide, and those princes start quarreling over the size of their gold, number of slaves, mistress, and tax racket. This is true both in ancient dynasties and in typical mafia families.

One Virginia-based princedom is called Scientology. In 1982, Miscavige tyrants took over the church from founding emperor L. Ron Hubbard. Today, princess Jenna Hill fights for her share of the pizza pie. The lucrative "cult" business is dwarfed only by more profitable anti-cult business... although technically non-profit.

Jenna Hill says, "Don't join them! I barely escaped..." She is lying. Maybe she acted out her ordeal – liars often dramatize in order to lie better – but she is still lying anyway.

The Nazis were able kill millions of Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals using similar lies about a religion. Today, stupid American public believes anything said about "quirky" religious group in the news - often without even knowing a Scientologist. They believe these lies because Miscavige Dynasty handed over the cult to U.S. psychiatry teams, who then lied off their asses in the American press.

Still, no one compares Nazi genocide between back then and now. Let's just keep it that way, OK Jenna?

April 16, 2014

Heather Mercer

SubjectAbout Heather Mercer
Heather Mercer's story is like M & M's story of imprisonment for loving Jesus. Heather was saved partly through prayer, but also by U.S. Special Forces who spotted her burning a scarf on the ground that was put over her head by Muslims.

The love of Jesus then inspired Heather to found Global Hope. While the globe has yet to show its appreciation in any form except increased acts of terrorism, at least it now has a good hopeful story to download for Kindle if it wants.

"Craig's message encourages action and reminds that Jesus loves the forgotten."

April 15, 2014

Amanda Knox

Corrado maria daclon - amanda knox

Flag of the United Kingdom  About the hoax  Flag of Italy
Like other media hoaxes, the Amanda Knox story was supposed to expose bad prosecutors, bad journalists, and a foreign culture that Ivy League Americans don't happen to like. Listen to this interview by U.S. state media's Brooke Gladstone:

Brooke moans, "An industry of books, websites, and made-for-tv movies has emerged to exploit or investigate the case of Amanda Knox." She then turns to Nina Burleigh - who is selling a book on the subject. Nina complains how U.K. reporters covered the story: "They didn't do journalism 101 on this guy! [Rudy Guede]"

Is that so, Nina? Or is it possible that The Daily Mail knows something we don't? Perhaps British tabloids have more intelligence connections than even your precious New York Times, Nina. Maybe they knew right away that "Amanda Knox" was a dumb hoax – one that deserves to be mocked and ridiculed along with people like you who pretend it's all real.

Nina also complains about "national pride" by Italians. Something called La Bella Figura and "presenting themselves with dignity". How awful! The Chinese call this "Face", Nina. And you have no Face, Nina, despite all of your shiny publicity photos and the phony feminism you natter about. Even Mrs. Clinton could agree.

UPDATE: This despicable liar is now helping the "non-profit" Oregon Innocence Project – because there is no greater calling in life than giving violent criminals another chance to walk free.

Reform is certainly needed in the American justice system. On that point, we agree.

April 14, 2014

Cat People

Subject Poster Analysis
Cat PeopleKlaus Kinski Cannes-(retouched-cropped)
  • Cat People posters indicate extraterrestrial Cat People.
  • Half face and one eye means the Illuminati.
  • Left-facing cat woman is bluish.
  • Natasha Kinski's face resembles KLAUS KINSKI.

In nature, brood parasites are animals who make other species raise their own young. They do this by sneaking them into a nest, threatening host parents, or with pheromons. More rarely, two species can hybridize by bestial courtship or unnatural rape attack.

Cats don't mate with humans, but it's interesting how many people raise them anyway. Why? Consider the Ancient Egyptians, who worshiped cats and believed their gods came from the heavens. There was Bastet, the daughter of Ra. Remember also the Sphinx creature, having a nude feline body with the face of a man.

Fernand Khnopff 002
Fernand Khnopff's The Sphinx (1896)

You may say, "Oh, but I don't really worship my cats!" No. You just give sacrifice daily and allow cats to replace having family. Friends even call you "cat lady" or "my fruity neighbor". (They shouldn't do that, but they do.)

William Shatner's Trouble With Tribbles warns of the danger when a cute and seductive species invades. The environment damages, food supply goes, and nobody works hard from petting fur all day long. People become so slow and lazy that even a well-balanced communist system wouldn't survive.

If you have a cat, consider disowning it. Give it to someone you hate. Meanwhile, be nice to the cat and take it to see veterinarian. Only don't buy another one.

April 8, 2014

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin in KGB uniform    Vladimir Putin 12021

About Putin
Left-facing photograph is Vladimir Putin. He is dressed in Russia's KGB uniform, circa 1980. You can tell because of the low resolution and slight touch of sepia tone in the picture.

Right-facing photograph is also "Vladamir Putin". He is dressed in American blue jeans uniform. This picture was taken about 30 years after stern-looking KGB photo. You can tell by the bright looking colors, and because his hair looks more distinguished in this picture.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the old Vladamir back? If only that man was really a KGB agent... Sadly, the so-called union of Russia with Ukraine is just like all Blue Jeans revolutions – a farce meant to choke balls and hide piss stains through use of tight-fitting denim material. Something to do with a new front in terror war, or maybe an increase in gay pride festivals.

Of course this brings new legions of phony refugee-activists appearing on state-run NPR broadcast - all claiming babies pulled out of incubators, women raped inside raper room, and Russia almost has nuclear bomb. Soon Harvard speaking tour will have rock-star-in-exile named Viktor Yanukovych, since Tibetan High Priest act is wearing quite thin. Numerous fake journalist hereos documented by Western groups like the IFEX, CPJ, and Impunity bastards.

All of this to avoid reporting the truth to Americans, who don't deserve it anyways I suppose. However one can still pray for return to the old Soviet Union, when potatos were "in" and space programs commemorated even marginally successful rocket launches on stamps. When women were truly equal and not crying about this or that like fake Pussy Riot band. Let's all think about this, then decide what to believe.

February 25, 2014

Yip Yips

Subject About Sesame Street
The MartiansIf you have kids, then you know how hard it is getting them to sleep every night. Now try explaining the problem of terrorizing ET abduction phenomenon. This is the hardest talk you as a parent could ever have, for the problem isn't that kids won't understand – but that they will.

Western psychiatry once thought they had a solution. In 1978, PBS propaganda outlet Sesame Street tried acclimating American youth audience via Yip Yip characters "Bob" and "Joe".  Blue and Pink puppets were used. The Pink one had Yellow eyes.  Also more rare is one Orange colored Yip variant, who doesn't appear until Snuffy's Store episode (March 23, 1988).

Watch the video above.  See how Ernie tries putting a positive spin on the crisis...  Notice how "rational" Bert tries to deny anything happened to him!

Good plan, PhDunces. How did it work out? Maybe USA's phony trained grief counselors should go on the news to say how much fun it is being a rape, shooting, or kidnap victim.

That would really be "giving women a voice", n'est pas?

February 18, 2014


Subject Poster Analysis
Real リアル
(A Perfect Day for Plesiosaur)

Variety's Maggie Lee calls Kiyoshi Kurosawa's movie "childlike" and "disappointing"... Perhaps Maggie Lee doesn't know all of her space facts, such as involuntary memory (same as reactive bank), twin universe subject, and mindscan phenomenon described by abductees.

Low-budget effort by movie director Ben Chiu unites East and West:

"Green" eye also looks brown, not blue.

Please watch Shanda Green in Mindscans at Amazon. Movie breaks even after 42 copies sold.

February 11, 2014



Subject Poster Analysis

Canadian director James Cameron is known for strong female roles in his movies. Despite going through 5 wives who generally got younger over time, Blue World Order lacky truly believes in equal sex roles through enviro-technocrat profiteering...  Over $2 billion is how much his dumb movie made!

Why is Amazon still charging $13 to download the movie? Why is the price almost $30 to purchase on blu-ray?

February 1, 2014

On Record

About Greta Susteren
You all remember the Jon Bonet hoax. Someone thought the police wouldn't arrest rich people, which is typical in the U.S.A.  So they had a young girl sing, dance, and play dress-up. Then they acted like her mom could have killed her, or maybe a prowler with bug-eyes. YouTube website still has many videos of the stunt, and also at ABC News (means AMERICAN BRAINWASHING channel).

For many years, FOX Record hostess wouldn't give it a rest. She kept talking with guests about "exploitation". They all said that it's too damn stressful and creepy for kids to be in a talent show, or whatever.

Now meet 5-year old drum major, Taranza McKelvin. See how this talented youth dances with boot-shaking cheer squad?  Look at their bellies pumping and gyrate!  Watch those hips work, jerk, and twerk to his holler and skills.

Are U.S.A. channels complaining about this?  No.  Instead, The Ellen Show gave Taranza a free Disneyland pass, plus $50,000 for the band.  What the hell?

Everyone knows FOX Channel's Greta is a lawyer. They say she is with Scientology religion, who will sue you for anything. This is complete lunacy!! No one should fear about racist American news shows and their inconsistent reporting, nor from the danger of "cult" legal dismemberment.

Your blond hair and blue eyes aren't fooling us, Greta!  All of China knows you are full of it.

January 27, 2014

E-Z Pass

Subject Blue old car        2.5 (Road sign)        4.5 (Road sign)        NonUK Roundabout 8 Cars        4.3 (Road sign)        Two roads logo        1.7 (Road sign)
TollsAnyone who drives places has watched while luxury chariots zoom through their special toll lanes while laughing at poorer drivers. Most of them are noble class citizens – meaning doctors, lawyers, and rock stars.

Everyone is equal in a classless society. No one can ever be equal in a cashless one, which is what Easy Pass does. Notice the Purple colored logo, which is used to signify royalty:

When paying for toll roads, everyone should have to wait in line for the same length of time. There should be no virtual bribing of toll takers by paying for E-Z Ass systems or other End Time gadgetry.

January 16, 2014



Subject Poster Analysis

The movie Water World is about Earth's global warming, which happens in the future. Rising sea levels and oil spills are to blame. (Think about the Book of Genesis long ago...)

The movie Total Recall is about mutants on Mars, where people can't enjoy life naturally due to the problems. Instead people buy good memories from before Mars was ruined by excess work and technology. The movie is very long, but if you skip to the end they show how the characters aren't even sure about the time they are living in. It may be the past or the future, or a dream about the future mistaken for the past, or a real future where the past is really the future and not the fake past which they bought.

November 6, 2013


Subject Possible influence About Isis
Isis Mobile Wallet Isis of Egypt (Magic Goddess) Egyptian IsisApple Computer is not the only company to worship false Egyptian gods and their cats. There is also the new Isis cashless payment system, which you can use with Google Android's phone to buy things without even having money.

Some merchants are even tempting people with free smoothies to sucker them in.

This sounds just like in Revelation 13:17, which posits:
"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."
God taught the Pharaohs a hard lesson that people are now forgetting. Then Abraham signed a confusing legal agreement without fully studying it, due to time pressure. Then God's son appeared briefly. He died and was rose.

Given these facts, it seems increasingly likely that Jesus will return within a reasonable time-frame to save people from Isis.