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February 27, 2013


Subject Facts & Analysis
COINTELPROPeople's Park was a small demonstration over local eminent domain laws in 1969. The "anti" Vietnam War movement, lead by capitalist fronts and pro-war federal agencies, brazenly hijacked the protests — turning them radical, violent, and of course communist. Many successful actors made their name at this kind of game, including Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Ronald Reagan....

The Occupy protests of 2011 didn't hijack anything. Instead they were sanctioned in the same spirit as rigged Vietnam protests decades earlier, knowing full well that slobs like Michael Moore would show up. It was an evil plan worse than any Hundred Flowers high-jinks or security efforts initiated by Chairman Mao.

"Protest" isn't some planted agent who whips out a megaphone and says something obnoxious. "Revolution" wasn't millionaire Patty Hearst acting with the FBI in a staged robbery by a crime gang that never existed. Nor dozens of NGOs, government fronts, and other capitalists sponsoring Occupy stunts and then pinning the mess on socialism.

Note also- there were no iPhones back in 1969. Today they are everywhere.


Humanities Centre Lecture Theatres University of Alberta Edmonton Alberta Canada 13-A

Fbi headquarters FBI headquarters (USA) The West's agenda to debase institutions isn't limited to governments and the media. Even buildings are intentionally degraded by the Brutalist movement. The sadness induced by these eyesores is meant to inspire distrust and hatred of systems, and to force sympathy for humanity in bleak contrast to the atmosphere generated by them.

In 2012, Yoko Ono exhibited piles of soil at the Serpentine Gallery in London... Brutal, isn't it?! Yoko proved (via self-fulfilling prophecy) that anything can pass and be tolerated within wrecked establishments. The irony of her work - or the hypocrisy of it - is that Ms. Ono is and always has been "the establishment"; thus her intriguing dirt dissertation likely wouldn't apply when she wants a trustworthy system... Only the best galleries in London can suffice.

The Serpentine Gallery, incidentally, has granted Her Majesty's useful tool (someone named Ai Weiwei) a pavilion to promote his own ribald fantasies not appreciated in China.

In summary, Western countries can't have nice buildings because their leaders are fixated on corrupting themselves. Celebrity artists still keep lovely estates that look nothing like the vulgar sights architects inflict on the public — designs they will inflict on the world if given the chance:
• Inside the American embassy compound in Baghdad
• Ai Weiwei regrets designing Beijing Olympics Stadium
• Samsung's new campus to compete with Apple
Boston City Hall Boston City Hall (USA)
Thamesmead South (UK)

February 26, 2013

John List

Name Occupation Possible influence Facts & Analysis
John List • Accountant
• Nut
• Dad
FBIJohn List (note the typical wordplay in his naming) was "captured" after America's Most Wanted featured a clay bust age-progressed 18 years by the FBI. From Wiki:
The bust was sculpted by forensic artist Frank Bender ... To imagine what an older List would look like, he consulted forensic psychologist Richard Walter, who created a psychological profile. He looked at photographs of List's parents and predicted his appearance, giving List a receding hairline and sagging jowls. Bender and Richard Walter were particularly praised for one final touch: they accurately predicted the type of eyeglasses frames that List would be wearing, by taking into account his personality type and the kind of eyeglasses he had favored in the past.  John Walsh, the host of America's Most Wanted, called Bender's work the most brilliant example of detective work that he had ever seen.
Wow, how did they do that!!!  Skeptical?  The New York Times confirms the story, as does trutv!  Most accounts place heavy emphasis on John's prayer life, ironies like his wife's interest in Wicca, and numerous "if onlys" that John should have seized upon before causing the FBI so much trouble... if only had he ever existed.

February 14, 2013

True Colours

Rainbow star


Red is like blood or revolution.  Red is hot (warm).  Red also means heart and to love.  Red is usually found on the right, but sometimes left when viewed opposite.  Blue hates red and attacks by all means available.

Orange is acerbic or vulgar.  It means lower-class, but moving towards purple a little.  Orange is both red and yellow.  Blue debilitates orange through media and conditions like clockwork.

Yellow means scared.  It also means caution, which is almost like scared.  Blue is very cautious, which explains yellow eyes seen in Avatar.

Green means nature or natural.  Green is blue with some yellow, so perhaps green has "cowered" towards red a little.  Blue uses green to gain strength, which is why it's the color of money.

Blue is cool and trendy in blue jeans.  Blue doesn't care about anything.  Blue is the Qing and Democrat party.  Blue is Apple dropping the rainbow from logo — meaning TO BREAK COVENANT WITH GOD.

Purple is royalty.  Since it is defended by blue, purple can do what it wants.  Purple can be blue with red in it, or red with blue.  Purple is gay.  Beyond purple is called ultraviolet, known for its skin-damaging sun rays.

Pink is red mixed with white.  Think about that.

Gray = dull.  (For example, a gray rainy day.)

Brown is... ?  Brown is something like burnt toast. (Much of earth, chocolate, and shit is brown.)

Black is all colours combined by the elements — or no colours at all, as in outer space.

February 8, 2013


Jonestown entrance

Subject Facts & Analysis
CultsThe unpleasantness caused by Jim Jones and his victims prompted federal agencies to initiate many anti-cult initiatives. Some of these plans involved infiltration or voluntary coopting, while others were created from thin air and employed the same kind of acting troupes used to "educate" the public on other matters.

  • David Miscavige was sent to rein in Scientology. Being an autonomous CIA front, this was a fairly straightforward task. Scientology remains a scam to this day, although not for the reasons most think.
  • The Branch Davidians were an FBI hoax, one that callously smeared crazed messiahs and Messianic Judaism. Not one person died or was hurt at Waco, despite the cast listed at Wikipedia.
  • Do you know not to castrate yourself and/or self-immolate over a comet? Well, somebody thinks you don't. 
  • Warren Jeffs' Fundamentalist Church was known for its comical prairie dress posse. (Googling "Jeffs" with "Mitt Romney" shows how dirty politics is.) Note how several actresses used forehead prosthetics, producing their alien-like appearance. This rather mean way of highlighting body traits was pioneered by a certain propaganda minister last century.

Cults are bad- got it?   Now you know, little citizen....

You're a proud woman, Amy.