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May 31, 2013


Subject Money in Zimbabwe
Bob MugabePresident Mugabe printed extremely large currency values in order to solve Zimbabwe's hyperinflation. Some of the largest numbers possible had to be used, including "100 Trillion" (see above).

Today, the largest denomination printed in the U.S.A. is $100. The printing of larger bills stopped a long time ago.

CBS News claims the U.S. central government printed $1.2 Trillion in 2009. However a British newspaper, the Sun, says it would take 72 years just to print only $1 Trillion! Even the U.S. Bureau of Engraving says that they only printed a few billion dollars in order to replace some wrinkled money that people were careless with.

CONCLUSION:  CBS News is incorrect about how much money was printed. Many computer graphics prove it's not possible to print that much money, and to compare President Obama with President Mugabe seems racist.

May 29, 2013

Winston Lord

About Winston Lord
Critics in the West frequently chide Joseph Stalin for his media spin and lack of transparency. Those pests are ignorant (or perhaps willfully dumb) of the very same politics which operate in the American government.

Take Winston Lord. As one of President Nixon's servants during his visit to China, he committed a slight by upstaging another of Henry Kissinger's servants early on. For this small offense, the capitalist system retaliated by cropping him out of all propaganda photographs:

Only the truth was exposed by China's Mao's government in releasing the full picture below (see Winston Lord seated on the right).

To hear Winston speak today is sorrowful... An empty shell of a man, half destroyed by a system that didn't care.

May 27, 2013

Knowledge Tree

Tree of knowledge

About the Tree of Knowledge (Science)
Priests all say that Eve's Snake's sin was "temptation" or some disgusting thing she did with Adam {gag}. But the Tree of Knowledge isn't about sex or disobeying God. Rather it says that science goes on endlessly, as every graduate student knows from research:

But a tree can't grow forever! When the wood gets too tall with branches, then it tips and falls by its own great bulk and mass...

Right now today, mankind's mass of wood is growing critical. Therefore it is vital to ignore what priests all say about Eve and Adam. The power of endless knowledge is deadly since it mainly leads to technology like Atom Bombs, in addition to Apple Computers.  Just like was demonstrated in World War 2, it is crazy to believe we humans can handle tools responsibly.

May 24, 2013

Google Doodle

Image credit: Sabrina Brady/Google

Subject Think about it...
Google DoodleAmerican rightists are too dumb to know when they have been insulted by American leftists, who are witty but evil SOBs. That said, the evil creeps at Google Doodle have reached a new low. It took 130,000 submissions for them to select a picture worthy of genuine recognition, but shrewdly fitting for their putrid minds.

Drawn by 17-year old Sabrina Brady, whose father bravely fought in Iraq, the otherwise lovely artwork happened, by chance, to fit their standard form in depicting US soldiers. Titled "Coming Home", that heading with its imagery wasn't lost on one sad individual who mocked the art on Sergeant Brady's Youtube channel:

This is one more reason China can't go far enough in expelling Google from its land. Systematic insults will not go unrecognized by common Chinese citizens - who do see symbolism and conspiracies and are neither left, right, stupid, or evil enough to tolerate continued American debasement from cartoons or any sneaky art form.

May 22, 2013

Kaufman County

Subject What you should know...
Kaufman CountyFrom the state that allowed President Kennedy to be shot, Oswald to escape, and Jack Ruby to get cancer and die comes the staged murder of "District Attorney" Mike McLelland.  Only his 'killer' happens to be the same man, someone called Eric Williams who was digitally painted to look like Joseph Stalin.

THIS IS NOT FUNNY. The smearing of marginal Communist leaders as potential murderers is inconceivable, even as an exercise in crime forensics. It is also ironic (actually typical) that the story was written by agents of Capitalist media who are always complaining about news in other countries.

May 21, 2013


Lira Lyre

How to spot a liar
A number of good training videos exist on the web that were made specifically to help someone know when people are acting.  The FBI, Scientology, and Anonymous all want you to watch these examples:

Which isn't to say that these folks were never "in Scientology" or that their stories aren't factual. But it's important to know what Scientology had become by the mid-1980s: a front for showing why cults are bad.

Another good exercise is to watch this interview from 2009, where explorer Jerry Wills leads on a onetime suspended doctor for three excruciating hours!  It's a very long program, but intriguing to know what investigators put up with.

May 15, 2013

Jodi Arias

Subject About "Jodi Arias"
"Jodi Arias" or "Ethics in social experiments that make Philip Zimbardo look good."A cabal of law firms and criminologists have been working with the FBI to stage mock crime and punishment scenarios, ranging from gun violence to hypothetical jury trials like that of Jodi Arias. These groups are scattered nationwide, but seem concentrated in a handful of states including Arizona, Colorado, and Florida. Likely motives for this hoax are laced throughout the media, including this from USA Today:
"Only three of the 125 inmates on death row in Arizona are women. A woman hasn't been executed in Arizona since 1930."
And this headline from Huffington Post:
"Jodi Arias Selling 'Survivor' T-Shirts Raise Funds For Victims Of Domestic Abuse"
Other topics covered in the operation include:
  • women's health
  • the death penalty
  • women's rights
  • suicide and mental illness
  • women, women, WOMEN

"Melanie the Mormon" was elated at the guilty verdict... Perhaps she and others hired to stage this fantasy were drawn from the FLDS brigade — a troupe of struggling actresses too ugly for Hollywood. Note that "Jodi" herself is not that pretty, with her white complexion and low-set cheek bones.

May 14, 2013

Last Supper

The Last Supper (San Marco)

About the Last Supper
The Last Supper was supposed to be the last supper.  The B-ble makes clear that "last" and "supper" mean only that.

Jesus tried desperately to put a stop to Old Testament madness — to end all rites, rituals, and process.  He came to take away sins because people were destroying themselves over the ancient concept of death in the Middle East, which required a guilt-free life on earth in order to fly up to Heaven.

Nobody listened.  Instead they made a mockery of the Gospel's lyrics by implementing weekly/yearly protocols that have nothing to do with anything.  The sacraments especially are a joke to be spat upon.

May 10, 2013

Patriot Act


All about the Patriot Act
The Patriot Act was conceived as.... an act.  That is, the need for increased security was to be balanced with false and embellished stories of government overstep.  (See what 'balance' means here.)  The plan was to give citizens a healthy cynicism against government and promote American ideas of freedom, while actually clamping down in some ways.  Examples of the non-issues generated include:

  • Aggressive TSA screening (typically at air ports)
  • Water-boarding of terrorists
  • CIA prisons
  • Sheriff Joe, a fictional character against illegal immigrants

It is shameful that tools like Alex Jones have cited the Patriot Act to debase perfectly valid conspiracy theories with their own twisted version of world events.  Such destructive cretins must be condemned verbally in the strongest possible terms, then shunned by friends until they apologize tearfully for the harm they have caused.

May 9, 2013


Scale of justice

About Balance
"Balance" means to parody both sides of politics equally, left and right.  That makes it better, right?  The examples are endless:

  • "Charles Poland" was claimed to have been shot while driving a school bus, which raises the gun issue.  The same actor appears to be playing a bad abortion doctor called "Kermit Gosnell", which raises the abortion debate.  (Now republicans and democrats alike can have something to wail over while being attacked by a real threat called Al-Qaeda.)

The list goes on... Suffice to say that this is what balance means in the "open and free" democracy called USA — showing 2 sets of 2-faces (that's 4 in total) while earning income for face #5, which is your private face.  Perhaps that is why Westerners don't have any face, since it's not in their culture to be honest about things.  (Remember- pride is a sin to them, and not something to be proud of.)

Those who think that this is a good means for social progress are not psychologically balanced.

Those who oppose the immediate arrest of conspiring actors are themselves conspiring too!