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January 6, 2012



Item Subject Facts & Analysis
Tibet Tibet Imagine if China were to allow the Dalai Lama to reclaim his throne in once-feudal Tibet, but with conditions:

  • The new monarch must pledge secret loyalty to China's Communist Party.
  • While reigning, he must feign corruption, ineptitude, and severe human rights abuses.
  • China's news media will assist in the deception by publishing fabrications about his outrageous behavior, and by portraying suspecting citizens as paranoid, racists, and lunatics.
  • The undercover Lama will reform Tibet in China's image, to the benefit of both nations (naturally, as determined by China).

Is this a repugnant scheme?  How does it compare with what was done in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, ████████████ and {where else?} by Western governments?