Black Consciousness

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March 22, 2012


Name Occupation Possible influence Speculation / circumstantial evidence
Kim Dotcom CEO ManyMegaupload was an intelligence front with several goals:

  • subversion of China, much in the spirit of undermining Soviet countries by spreading "pop culture" (propaganda and drugs)
  • confronting the problem of media monopolies — although to what end is a great question
  • anti-corruption efforts against U.S. politicians
  • gathering intelligence (duh.)

Kim Dotcom is an actor whose reign and demise was quite typical: arrogant, "controversial", and entirely unethical.  The final act was, predictably, to make an example out of the character.  But whatever comes of his trial and sentencing, it is all just a show.

Is it right to establish legal precedent this way?  Using hypothetical crimes... committed by agency-backed front groups?

{NB-  the world's major media companies (all 3 of them now) were probably compensated for losses incurred by the program — losses that were already happening regardless of Megaupload's existence.}