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December 26, 2012

Google Logo

Item Subject Facts & Analysis
Logo Google Google's logo uses colors, letters, and placement to symbolize the West's strategy for intelligence and national security as reflected in the two major political parties.  Blue is the color of "democracy" and democrat values.  Red stands for everything else — including Communism, the Republicans, and the Nazis.  "G" means good (blue), while "e" means evil (red).

The arrangement of the red letter "o" next to the blue letter "G" shows the core method of today's intelligence agencies:  Keeping one's friends close, and one's enemies closer.  Note the CIA's method:  1. create a front 2. kill whoever joins (see Vietnam conflict).

The next "o" is yellow (as in caution) and held captive by the other blue "g", which pretends to be farther right politically but is nothing of the sort (see Shepard Smith's "THE G-BLOCK" at Foxnews).  The green letter "l" is cutting off anything not contained by the two G's, namely the "e" on the far-right.  Green is the color of money, so this might suggest economic subversion or keeping republicans poor.  In today's version of the logo, the red "e" is additionally being strangulated like a choked Pac-Man character.

This motif (Left/Right, Blue/Red, Good/Evil) has been used in many Google designs through the years.  China was right to expel Google for their games and hostility.  Everybody involved should have been arrested by the government and given heavy sentences.

Addendum: Notice that while both letter-G's are the same color (blue), the two letter-O's are different in color (red and yellow).  Also, one of the letter-O's strangely matches color with the letter-E (red).  This lack of balance all but proves the likely use of code and symbolism by the artist.  It's nauseating.