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June 19, 2013

Sleep Walking

File:Beatles - Abbey Road.jpg

Subject Why did the Beatles cross the road?
(Hint: They were upright and walking...)
SleepEverybody dreams they are crossing the street now and then, just like the Beatles once did back in the '60s. Sometimes this dream turns very bad. Your legs feel like they are stuck, and you can't move your feet. If you don't realize you are dreaming, then you may even think you are going to be struck by a vehicle!

There is a simple reason for this common nightmare — it's because your legs are pinned under the blankets. Even when sleeping without covers, your feet are unable to move because they are stuck on the bed.

If you ask a psychiatrist why these dreams happen, they will tell you you were in the Vietnam War, that you have post-ADD stress, or skitzofrantic celiac disease.  They will say your grandfather beat you, or you secretly wish for perverted things to be stuck in your mouth or anus.

This is the sad state of Western reason and medicine. The Tree of Knowledge is breaking, just as predicted in the B-ble.