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April 1, 2016

Mine Sweep

Look at this game of Mine Sweep I won.  I cleared 1000 mines on a customized board.  I didn't cheat—look at those settings in Preferences.  I set them so that making even one mistake means you lose (clicking 'undo' was impossible).

In order to keep mine density right, I took the area of Intermediate Level and divided by number of mines.  Ratio goes in to new board area {80X80} means the Hardness stayed same.

I am not bragging to you.  I am telling you so that you know how good I am at noticing minuet details.  I am not "April fooling" you either since I don't celebrate that holiday.

You probably think this took a long time, but it was only a couple of hours with breaks.  I had to start over a few times because the corners aren't fair and forced me to take guesses.  (My solution was to do the corners first before the rest of the game.)

Soon I plan to play 2000 mines.  For this challenge, I will need a new monitor featuring 4K capability.