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April 23, 2012

Angie Gomez

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Name Occupation Possible influence Facts & Analysis
Angie Gomez Cancer survivor CIA
  • Battled leukemia from ages 2 to 13.
  • Founded Achieve the Dream Foundation, raising $17,000 in donations during her last months fighting cancer.
  • She miraculously lived.

While the media eagerly crucifies this young woman (who does have true physical challenges that likely impacted her judgement), they continue to shield the real maniacs who have stolen bejeweled nations by mock revolutions and xenophobic propaganda campaigns against anything non-western.  These are crimes of immense magnitude — paid for by unwitting taxpayers who have been emotionally and financially manipulated far worse than Ms. Gomez ever could have caused with her scheme.

Our government is (hypocritically) charging Angie Gomez with felony "theft-by-deception".  If they want to be good sports and make things right in the world, then they should re-examine their own agenda and ethics before charging Angie with anything.