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November 3, 2013

Benefits Supervisor

Art and Beauty
In 2008, this awful painting sold for a Guinness Record price of $33.6 million. Called "Benefits Supervisor Sleeping", it was made by psychiatry's founder's grandson, Lucian Freud. People often say, "I could have done that" or "No painting is worth millions of dollars!" They are missing the point though. The real work wasn't done on canvas, but on people's minds. On the folks shouting, "Hey, that's gorgeous! Everyone come see this painting over here."

From a political view, right-wing loons would say "Look at how the colors flow!", while your touchy liberal friend would natter "She is like the couch, you see, since workers go to Human Resources for comfort. It's so ironic, n'est pas?"  Still others dream of sinister plots behind the painting, like when Yoko Ono goes and ruins an art medium "because she can".

West, meet East.  "Miku" isn't even a real model! Miku is a software that performs Vocaloid (a bit like Auto-tune, only better).

Miku is very beautiful, isn't she? You don't need to persuade yourself that naked flesh rolls look nice in order to appreciate her. And unlike Lucian's "Supervisor", Miku isn't likely to get up off her ass to help you in some way. She sits right there all day, staring at those lovely red carnations.

So lose your sense of entitlement please. Real benefits don't come from corporate agents sleeping on the job. Get them yourself.