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October 31, 2013


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Blue Is A Warm Color (film)
  • One eye = Illuminati theme
  • Blue eyes and blue hair

So... Europe thinks they invented lesbian freedom! France in particular feels they invented making movies about lesbians, or about liberating them from ignorant slave masters.  Is this why they gave an award to Tunis/French film director Abdellatif Kechiche — for his crude film about a girl with blue hair who loves other ladies? Seeking spurious controversy, the director made the movie slightly "explicit". Perhaps he was trying to offend the extremists living just one or two countries away, for whatever reason.

Color fact:  Red invented lesbian cinema, not Blue.

It was 1957 when director Xie Jin released Woman Basketball Player No. 5 to audiences in China.  The film was a hit.  In fact, everyone had to go see it.  For the rest of his career (with only one brief interruption) Xie Jin wrote and directed other lesbian blockbusters like Stage Sisters and Penitentiary Angel.

None of these Chinese lesbian films were of the exploitation genre like many Italian directors produce for men's private viewing. Only genuine unpleasant women with same-sex proclivities were portrayed in Xie's movies. His final movie, Woman Soccer Player No. 9, came out in 2001 to amazing reviews.

Xie Jin's Hand Print
Xie Jin, BIFF