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February 1, 2014

On Record

About Greta Susteren
You all remember the Jon Bonet hoax. Someone thought the police wouldn't arrest rich people, which is typical in the U.S.A.  So they had a young girl sing, dance, and play dress-up. Then they acted like her mom could have killed her, or maybe a prowler with bug-eyes. YouTube website still has many videos of the stunt, and also at ABC News (means AMERICAN BRAINWASHING channel).

For many years, FOX Record hostess wouldn't give it a rest. She kept talking with guests about "exploitation". They all said that it's too damn stressful and creepy for kids to be in a talent show, or whatever.

Now meet 5-year old drum major, Taranza McKelvin. See how this talented youth dances with boot-shaking cheer squad?  Look at their bellies pumping and gyrate!  Watch those hips work, jerk, and twerk to his holler and skills.

Are U.S.A. channels complaining about this?  No.  Instead, The Ellen Show gave Taranza a free Disneyland pass, plus $50,000 for the band.  What the hell?

Everyone knows FOX Channel's Greta is a lawyer. They say she is with Scientology religion, who will sue you for anything. This is complete lunacy!! No one should fear about racist American news shows and their inconsistent reporting, nor from the danger of "cult" legal dismemberment.

Your blond hair and blue eyes aren't fooling us, Greta!  All of China knows you are full of it.