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February 25, 2014

Yip Yips

Subject About Sesame Street
The MartiansIf you have kids, then you know how hard it is getting them to sleep every night. Now try explaining the problem of terrorizing ET abduction phenomenon. This is the hardest talk you as a parent could ever have, for the problem isn't that kids won't understand – but that they will.

Western psychiatry once thought they had a solution. In 1978, PBS propaganda outlet Sesame Street tried acclimating American youth audience via Yip Yip characters "Bob" and "Joe".  Blue and Pink puppets were used. The Pink one had Yellow eyes.  Also more rare is one Orange colored Yip variant, who doesn't appear until Snuffy's Store episode (March 23, 1988).

Watch the video above.  See how Ernie tries putting a positive spin on the crisis...  Notice how "rational" Bert tries to deny anything happened to him!

Good plan, PhDunces. How did it work out? Maybe USA's phony trained grief counselors should go on the news to say how much fun it is being a rape, shooting, or kidnap victim.

That would really be "giving women a voice", n'est pas?