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June 12, 2014

William Buckley

Catholic-looking Catholic Pat Buchanan defined today’s conservatism. Very old people may remember William Buckley, the New York Times bestselling author who was so right-wing religious that he preferred Latin masses over clearly spoken English ones.

Bill Best-Sell Buckley once wrote deep religious book called "Near My God". It seems that fork-tongued Wilhelm didn’t like the original title, "Why I Am Still A Catholic" for reasons he explained.  To put this in simplified Chinese, 他从来不是这个。 (Translation: He never really was one.)

Are you amazed that evil George MacBundy penned tongue-in-cheek attack on fellow U. of Yale lover?  You must see that 60's right-wing snake pit was chief cause for Nixon’s list of opponents – mostly proved who all killed JFK.

Notice how son of son-of-bitch Buckley Christopher voted for Obama. How stupid is every republican on Earth?