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June 8, 2014

Mitt Romney

LDS Conference Center interior panoramic

About Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney is a Mormon. You can tell since he does Mormon things, for example wearing good clothes, and by going to Utah. He was also a bishop who helped manage the church’s boundless social welfare programs.

There are many misunderstandings about LDS church. You might think they were once very backward like in covered-wagon times, and not because they want you to think that. You might also think that they had a polygamy problem like the FLDS cult explained here.  But they don't want you to think that either about them!

No, the Mormon church has been framed. It was non-LDS people who invented FLDS to fool ABC News, whose anchors were duped by some very good actors, none of whom were real Mormons. The fact is that real Mormons believe in an end to women's suffering, in mandated insurance, and in Human Rights overseas.

This is why Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz left 5000 years of his heritage to join Mitt Romney’s religion. Because he likes Human Rights too.