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October 8, 2011

George Boole

George Boole

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George Boole Truth
  • False reporting of crime is punishable everywhere.  Unless you are a detective engaged in so-called prevention and public awareness.
  • Submitting or fabricating false evidence is similarly criminal, as is making false statements.  Unless, of course, the evidence is reported to the media as some melodramatic story of race/terror -ism thwarted by police heroics and government agents.
  • The False Claims Act provides civil and criminal penalties for defrauding government programs.  No such provisions exist against government defrauding citizens in any form.
  • The FBI offers advice on recognizing securities fraud.  The agency is blind, however, as the CIA defrauds the world by seizing ████████████ Cuba, Venezuela, and elsewhere.
  • William Shatner's hairpiece is false.  But he doesn't start wars or make money with it.  Oh wait, he does make money with it.

Anyhow.... What does this have to do with George Boole?  One cannot imagine.