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October 6, 2011

Jeff Hall

Name Occupation Possible influence Speculation / circumstantial evidence
Jeff Hall Nazi FBI
The 10-year-old told police he grabbed a Rossi .357 magnum revolver from a closet and "went downstairs with the gun, pulled the hammer back, aimed the gun at his dad's ear while he was asleep and shot him," Riverside Police Det. Greg Rowe wrote in the declaration.

That's quite a story, Greg.

May it never be said that the FBI doesn't take sides on political issues. Certainly a 10-year-old boy murdering someone, even a Nazi, is reason to question gun rights.

Oh by the way, Jeff Hall and his family were actors - not a real criminal among them, let alone "Jeff" being a Nazi.

But don't let fictional gun crimes affect your views... Guns are bad, "mmmm-K?"