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October 11, 2011

William Luther Pierce

Oklahoma City memorial

Name Occupation Possible influence Speculation / circumstantial evidence
William Luther Pierce White supremacist FBI
  • The man who caused a memorial to stand in place of 168 lives was most influenced from having read The Turner Diaries.
  • The man who wrote that filth was William Pierce, who supposedly died in 2002 so there is conveniently no one to blame now.
  • William Pierce's connection to Kevin Strom through front group "National Vanguard" is proof-positive that he too was an FBI informant.

168 people died because an FBI program to surveil racists was a little too realistic for someone like Tim McVeigh.  It's okay though — the FBI clears themselves of guilt in a 60 Minutes interview where Pierce denounces the bombing: "I do not approve of the Oklahoma City bombing because the United States is not yet in a revolutionary situation."

Note that sometime after the bombing, a false conspiracy was floated about an Iraqi being involved.  This story was probably intended to discredit conspiracy theories of any kind, including perfectly truthful ideas about who influenced McVeigh in the first place.