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April 13, 2012


Process deadlock

Item Subject Facts & Analysis
Process Business
Description:  A Universal Method For All Things Related To Man

Purpose:  To be used only for evil consequences and the distribution of chaos, including oppressive changes in power, the enslavement of spirits, inflicting of significant pain on human and animal subjects, or similar goals.

{Begin process}

1.  Advertise — make any kind of a promise or statements (preferably abstract and immeasurable)
2.  Establish trust by investment, friendship, or other means.
3.  Do anything or nothing at all.
4.  Fail.
5.  Blame people for not following Step 3:
a.  accurately
b.  reverently
c.  long enough

{Repeat, stop, or flee}

Additional excuses for process failure include a lack of proper licensing, disregarding fine print, or (rarely) God's will.  Step 5 can be enhanced by accusing critics of crimes such as those that the process owner commits regularly.  In all instances, the user is solely responsible for failure to achieve the aims given in Step 1.  The owner of the process and Step 3 in particular are totally sacrosanct and beyond reproach.  All glorious exceptions to Step 4 shall be credited to the process Creator and to no (other) man.

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