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April 10, 2012


Richard lee at intche10

Name Occupation Possible influence Speculation / circumstantial evidence
Richard Lee Activist Unknown
  • Established a school that teaches about cannabis, emphatically advocating that government regulate, control, and tax the drug
  • Requires ("absolutely, yes") complete listing of personal information for registration
  • Donations not accepted 
  • Raided by the DEA, IRS, and U.S. Marshals in April 2012, despite an executive pledge of non-interference
  • Scheduled the week following Richard Lee on Dean Becker's Drug Truth (a radio show sponsored by Rice University's James A. Baker III Institute For Public Policy) was none other than Barry Cooper.  (See here)

Believe it or not, many people support decriminalizing marijuana, and most of them are not undercover or against government taxing the drug trade.  Despite the odd circumstances listed above, there is no reason to think Richard Lee isn't sincere in his work.