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February 27, 2013


Subject Facts & Analysis
COINTELPROPeople's Park was a small demonstration over local eminent domain laws in 1969. The "anti" Vietnam War movement, lead by capitalist fronts and pro-war federal agencies, brazenly hijacked the protests — turning them radical, violent, and of course communist. Many successful actors made their name at this kind of game, including Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Ronald Reagan....

The Occupy protests of 2011 didn't hijack anything. Instead they were sanctioned in the same spirit as rigged Vietnam protests decades earlier, knowing full well that slobs like Michael Moore would show up. It was an evil plan worse than any Hundred Flowers high-jinks or security efforts initiated by Chairman Mao.

"Protest" isn't some planted agent who whips out a megaphone and says something obnoxious. "Revolution" wasn't millionaire Patty Hearst acting with the FBI in a staged robbery by a crime gang that never existed. Nor dozens of NGOs, government fronts, and other capitalists sponsoring Occupy stunts and then pinning the mess on socialism.

Note also- there were no iPhones back in 1969. Today they are everywhere.