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February 27, 2013


Humanities Centre Lecture Theatres University of Alberta Edmonton Alberta Canada 13-A

Fbi headquarters FBI headquarters (USA) The West's agenda to debase institutions isn't limited to governments and the media. Even buildings are intentionally degraded by the Brutalist movement. The sadness induced by these eyesores is meant to inspire distrust and hatred of systems, and to force sympathy for humanity in bleak contrast to the atmosphere generated by them.

In 2012, Yoko Ono exhibited piles of soil at the Serpentine Gallery in London... Brutal, isn't it?! Yoko proved (via self-fulfilling prophecy) that anything can pass and be tolerated within wrecked establishments. The irony of her work - or the hypocrisy of it - is that Ms. Ono is and always has been "the establishment"; thus her intriguing dirt dissertation likely wouldn't apply when she wants a trustworthy system... Only the best galleries in London can suffice.

The Serpentine Gallery, incidentally, has granted Her Majesty's useful tool (someone named Ai Weiwei) a pavilion to promote his own ribald fantasies not appreciated in China.

In summary, Western countries can't have nice buildings because their leaders are fixated on corrupting themselves. Celebrity artists still keep lovely estates that look nothing like the vulgar sights architects inflict on the public — designs they will inflict on the world if given the chance:
• Inside the American embassy compound in Baghdad
• Ai Weiwei regrets designing Beijing Olympics Stadium
• Samsung's new campus to compete with Apple
Boston City Hall Boston City Hall (USA)
Thamesmead South (UK)