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February 8, 2013


Jonestown entrance

Subject Facts & Analysis
CultsThe unpleasantness caused by Jim Jones and his victims prompted federal agencies to initiate many anti-cult initiatives. Some of these plans involved infiltration or voluntary coopting, while others were created from thin air and employed the same kind of acting troupes used to "educate" the public on other matters.

  • David Miscavige was sent to rein in Scientology. Being an autonomous CIA front, this was a fairly straightforward task. Scientology remains a scam to this day, although not for the reasons most think.
  • The Branch Davidians were an FBI hoax, one that callously smeared crazed messiahs and Messianic Judaism. Not one person died or was hurt at Waco, despite the cast listed at Wikipedia.
  • Do you know not to castrate yourself and/or self-immolate over a comet? Well, somebody thinks you don't. 
  • Warren Jeffs' Fundamentalist Church was known for its comical prairie dress posse. (Googling "Jeffs" with "Mitt Romney" shows how dirty politics is.) Note how several actresses used forehead prosthetics, producing their alien-like appearance. This rather mean way of highlighting body traits was pioneered by a certain propaganda minister last century.

Cults are bad- got it?   Now you know, little citizen....

You're a proud woman, Amy.