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May 9, 2013


Scale of justice

About Balance
"Balance" means to parody both sides of politics equally, left and right.  That makes it better, right?  The examples are endless:

  • "Charles Poland" was claimed to have been shot while driving a school bus, which raises the gun issue.  The same actor appears to be playing a bad abortion doctor called "Kermit Gosnell", which raises the abortion debate.  (Now republicans and democrats alike can have something to wail over while being attacked by a real threat called Al-Qaeda.)

The list goes on... Suffice to say that this is what balance means in the "open and free" democracy called USA — showing 2 sets of 2-faces (that's 4 in total) while earning income for face #5, which is your private face.  Perhaps that is why Westerners don't have any face, since it's not in their culture to be honest about things.  (Remember- pride is a sin to them, and not something to be proud of.)

Those who think that this is a good means for social progress are not psychologically balanced.

Those who oppose the immediate arrest of conspiring actors are themselves conspiring too!