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May 15, 2013

Jodi Arias

Subject About "Jodi Arias"
"Jodi Arias" or "Ethics in social experiments that make Philip Zimbardo look good."A cabal of law firms and criminologists have been working with the FBI to stage mock crime and punishment scenarios, ranging from gun violence to hypothetical jury trials like that of Jodi Arias. These groups are scattered nationwide, but seem concentrated in a handful of states including Arizona, Colorado, and Florida. Likely motives for this hoax are laced throughout the media, including this from USA Today:
"Only three of the 125 inmates on death row in Arizona are women. A woman hasn't been executed in Arizona since 1930."
And this headline from Huffington Post:
"Jodi Arias Selling 'Survivor' T-Shirts Raise Funds For Victims Of Domestic Abuse"
Other topics covered in the operation include:
  • women's health
  • the death penalty
  • women's rights
  • suicide and mental illness
  • women, women, WOMEN

"Melanie the Mormon" was elated at the guilty verdict... Perhaps she and others hired to stage this fantasy were drawn from the FLDS brigade — a troupe of struggling actresses too ugly for Hollywood. Note that "Jodi" herself is not that pretty, with her white complexion and low-set cheek bones.