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May 24, 2013

Google Doodle

Image credit: Sabrina Brady/Google

Subject Think about it...
Google DoodleAmerican rightists are too dumb to know when they have been insulted by American leftists, who are witty but evil SOBs. That said, the evil creeps at Google Doodle have reached a new low. It took 130,000 submissions for them to select a picture worthy of genuine recognition, but shrewdly fitting for their putrid minds.

Drawn by 17-year old Sabrina Brady, whose father bravely fought in Iraq, the otherwise lovely artwork happened, by chance, to fit their standard form in depicting US soldiers. Titled "Coming Home", that heading with its imagery wasn't lost on one sad individual who mocked the art on Sergeant Brady's Youtube channel:

This is one more reason China can't go far enough in expelling Google from its land. Systematic insults will not go unrecognized by common Chinese citizens - who do see symbolism and conspiracies and are neither left, right, stupid, or evil enough to tolerate continued American debasement from cartoons or any sneaky art form.