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September 28, 2013

Father Dowling

Far-Out Speculation
Somehow, emergency workers mistook a chubby, lumbering Irishman who was quietly praying the Rosary for a thin, fugacious Nordic who stated: "Your tools will work now.”  This line doesn't appear in any known prayer, nor does it make sense to say something like that… unless you have special powers.

The artist's sketch was made by someone named 'Randall Sands'. According to Fox4 Kansas City: "He has a brother-in-law who is a priest and he just had a sense based on his experiences and the reports of what the unidentified priest may look like."

The Pleiadians are a race of Nordic-looking aliens who could easily resemble the man in that sketch. Everybody knows how some ETs use telepathy, and can even alter our memories (at least in movies — and maybe in real life too).  They can also "channel" (again, this is conjecture).

So, perhaps the Vatican is helping cover things up. Think about the danger if Americans (who are already gullible) ever began worshiping these beings. Also, worry about the fact that angels won't intervene as often if they fear breaking the Prime Directive.

Watch Father Dowling's interview yourself and decide why this deputy says that sketch is all wrong.