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October 2, 2013


Stamp Manchukuo 1935 15f

Subject History
Last EmperorImagine to think you are a great emperor, then made less than a man under cruel occupation, and finally restored as a proud equal citizen by communist liberation. This was the life and trials of China's last emperor, Puyi.

As the story goes, at age ten Puyi was being slipped aphrodisiacs by the palace eunuchs, then given numerous concubines and left rampaging until dawn. The reason they did this was so that his servants could relax and play chess the next morning while the emperor slept late.

All of this traditionally-too-young sex left him exhausted and impotent, unable to hit on girls or scuffle with men. As a grownup, Puyi would burst into tears trying to tie his own shoes, despite long re-education attempts, this effort was too much for him. Also his behavior was "funny".

Puyi. They called him a puppet of Manchukuo vermin… a pawn in Mao's Revolution… a useless queer who was solely responsible for Qing dynasty's downfall and ushering in Communism.

Truly, China's last emperor was the greatest emperor of them all.

Puyi and Mao Zedong