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April 8, 2014

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin in KGB uniform    Vladimir Putin 12021

About Putin
Left-facing photograph is Vladimir Putin. He is dressed in Russia's KGB uniform, circa 1980. You can tell because of the low resolution and slight touch of sepia tone in the picture.

Right-facing photograph is also "Vladamir Putin". He is dressed in American blue jeans uniform. This picture was taken about 30 years after stern-looking KGB photo. You can tell by the bright looking colors, and because his hair looks more distinguished in this picture.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the old Vladamir back? If only that man was really a KGB agent... Sadly, the so-called union of Russia with Ukraine is just like all Blue Jeans revolutions – a farce meant to choke balls and hide piss stains through use of tight-fitting denim material. Something to do with a new front in terror war, or maybe an increase in gay pride festivals.

Of course this brings new legions of phony refugee-activists appearing on state-run NPR broadcast - all claiming babies pulled out of incubators, women raped inside raper room, and Russia almost has nuclear bomb. Soon Harvard speaking tour will have rock-star-in-exile named Viktor Yanukovych, since Tibetan High Priest act is wearing quite thin. Numerous fake journalist hereos documented by Western groups like the IFEX, CPJ, and Impunity bastards.

All of this to avoid reporting the truth to Americans, who don't deserve it anyways I suppose. However one can still pray for return to the old Soviet Union, when potatos were "in" and space programs commemorated even marginally successful rocket launches on stamps. When women were truly equal and not crying about this or that like fake Pussy Riot band. Let's all think about this, then decide what to believe.