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April 15, 2014

Amanda Knox

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Like other media hoaxes, the Amanda Knox story was supposed to expose bad prosecutors, bad journalists, and a foreign culture that Ivy League Americans don't happen to like. Listen to this interview by U.S. state media's Brooke Gladstone:

Brooke moans, "An industry of books, websites, and made-for-tv movies has emerged to exploit or investigate the case of Amanda Knox." She then turns to Nina Burleigh - who is selling a book on the subject. Nina complains how U.K. reporters covered the story: "They didn't do journalism 101 on this guy! [Rudy Guede]"

Is that so, Nina? Or is it possible that The Daily Mail knows something we don't? Perhaps British tabloids have more intelligence connections than even your precious New York Times, Nina. Maybe they knew right away that "Amanda Knox" was a dumb hoax – one that deserves to be mocked and ridiculed along with people like you who pretend it's all real.

Nina also complains about "national pride" by Italians. Something called La Bella Figura and "presenting themselves with dignity". How awful! The Chinese call this "Face", Nina. And you have no Face, Nina, despite all of your shiny publicity photos and the phony feminism you natter about. Even Mrs. Clinton could agree.

UPDATE: This despicable liar is now helping the "non-profit" Oregon Innocence Project – because there is no greater calling in life than giving violent criminals another chance to walk free.

Reform is certainly needed in the American justice system. On that point, we agree.