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April 17, 2014

Jenna Miscavige

SubjectAbout Jenna Miscavige
During the Last Days, wealthy nobles own almost everything. Every prince and his nephew inherits the land, which gets divided again and again until the next generation. Soon there is nothing left to divide, and those princes start quarreling over the size of their gold, number of slaves, mistress, and tax racket. This is true both in ancient dynasties and in typical mafia families.

One Virginia-based princedom is called Scientology. In 1982, Miscavige tyrants took over the church from founding emperor L. Ron Hubbard. Today, princess Jenna Hill fights for her share of the pizza pie. The lucrative "cult" business is dwarfed only by more profitable anti-cult business... although technically non-profit.

Jenna Hill says, "Don't join them! I barely escaped..." She is lying. Maybe she acted out her ordeal – liars often dramatize in order to lie better – but she is still lying anyway.

The Nazis were able kill millions of Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals using similar lies about a religion. Today, stupid American public believes anything said about "quirky" religious group in the news - often without even knowing a Scientologist. They believe these lies because Miscavige Dynasty handed over the cult to U.S. psychiatry teams, who then lied off their asses in the American press.

Still, no one compares Nazi genocide between back then and now. Let's just keep it that way, OK Jenna?