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April 27, 2014

Midnight's Children


  • Half-face and one eyes probably means something
  • Clocks all point to mid-night, 1947
  • Blue color is used throughout book

Yellow penis logo internet retailer sells British-India fiction novel Midnight's Children, written by son-of-a-bitch liar Salman Rushdie. Book clubs everywhere call the plot convoluted and dumb (if you actually read the book) and its metaphors don't make any sense. But then maybe they aren't truly metaphors. Taken literally, themes like telepathy, cords in your nose, and so-called "slumdogs" saving India all point to possible E.T. hybrid conspiracy, whereby implant-controlled starchilds rule under Heavenly Mandate (aka The Divine Right of Kings) in a bucolic land once badly raped by British Queen.

Funny how this book came out in 1980 - just a few years before Operation Blue Star seized India, hence making sad Sikh story a cause for near-anything. (By the way... why not Green or Pink Star operation? Answer: recall proven Chrome logo principle.)

And they call this "democracy".

Ask yourself: Why would someone write a true story and then call it fiction? Also, why does Amazon's Kindle picture show an eleven-piece serpent coiled around a star-cradle? We call that "idiocracy".