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April 14, 2014

Cat People

Subject Poster Analysis
Cat PeopleKlaus Kinski Cannes-(retouched-cropped)
  • Cat People posters indicate extraterrestrial Cat People.
  • Half face and one eye means the Illuminati.
  • Left-facing cat woman is bluish.
  • Natasha Kinski's face resembles KLAUS KINSKI.

In nature, brood parasites are animals who make other species raise their own young. They do this by sneaking them into a nest, threatening host parents, or with pheromons. More rarely, two species can hybridize by bestial courtship or unnatural rape attack.

Cats don't mate with humans, but it's interesting how many people raise them anyway. Why? Consider the Ancient Egyptians, who worshiped cats and believed their gods came from the heavens. There was Bastet, the daughter of Ra. Remember also the Sphinx creature, having a nude feline body with the face of a man.

Fernand Khnopff 002
Fernand Khnopff's The Sphinx (1896)

You may say, "Oh, but I don't really worship my cats!" No. You just give sacrifice daily and allow cats to replace having family. Friends even call you "cat lady" or "my fruity neighbor". (They shouldn't do that, but they do.)

William Shatner's Trouble With Tribbles warns of the danger when a cute and seductive species invades. The environment damages, food supply goes, and nobody works hard from petting fur all day long. People become so slow and lazy that even a well-balanced communist system wouldn't survive.

If you have a cat, consider disowning it. Give it to someone you hate. Meanwhile, be nice to the cat and take it to see veterinarian. Only don't buy another one.