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April 22, 2014

Sarah Bajc

"I am no expert in espionage or world politics"

About Sarah Bajc
"All the Chinese are doing is hurting themselves," she said. "They're interfering with the investigation. They're losing face. They're losing confidence in front of the world's eyes."

"Never let a good crisis go to waste", Sarah....

The British news has caught on to phony advocates who try dictating how real victims should feel when tragedy happens. Pretending to be in their shoes, suggesting ways to react, and always blaming "the authorities".  Worst of all, teasing families with false hope that their relative were flown somewhere safe.

Offering to raise money was a good trick by one cable executive who apparently knew what was going on when "Sarah" appeared on American news. (Be careful Darlene, or next time someone may just accept your offer.)

Exploiting the loss of Flight 370 to use against China - or even against England - is 10,000% unforgivable. A plane was lost somewhere.  Whatever the cause, it wasn't because China doesn't share Sarah Bajc's opinion on rights and good governing.  Sorry to disappoint you, wench, but none of this means blue flags will fly over Beijing.