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October 13, 2013

Chrome Logo

Google Chrome icon (2011)
Subject Full Color Analysis
Chrome logoThe true meaning behind Google's Google logo has been exposed. Also the frequent rude insults coming from Google's Google Doodles are proven. Now let's examine what Google's Google Chrome logo means.

First, look at where Blue is located- right in the center of things. It holds a "centrist" position. The other three colors are spinning around in a deadlock: Green is being pushed down, cautionary Yellow is rising, and Red gets pushed leftward (by watching Fox News for example). These are "extremist" colors, meaning anything other than Blue and perhaps Purple which can do what it wants.

This design is rather like Henry Kissinger's policy of trying to make everyone in the room fight, so that he could control Richard Nixon — the only good president since Roosevelt. That's what he did in the Middle East, anyway.

Who gets to say what is Blue and "moderate"? Take a guess:

You would think someone who once did lexical analysis for a living would recognize secret codes, but since Google Chairman Eric Schmidt is a very rich democrat, he probably doesn't care.

The fact is- Mr. Schmidt is nobody's "Chairman".  No matter which web browser you use, he is not worthy of the title.