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October 28, 2013

Mac Pro

Subject About the Mac Pro
Mac ProWhen studying B-ble prophesy, it's important to keep your head and not jump to insane conclusions. Some shapes are so simple that you can read almost anything you want into them.

Confusion of Tongues Take Apple's new Mac Pro for example. For one thing, "Mac Pro" really does mean "Macintosh professional" and not "machine propaganda", even though that's usually how the Mac Pro is used — for the worship of robots.

Secondly, notice the shape of it. It's only coincidence that it looks a little bit like Tower of Babel paintings. Lots of things look that way... including soda and beer cans, the list goes forever.

Lastly, don't worry that Mavericks OS supports OpenCL for cross-platform code execution on many various processors.  Soon after God struck down Babel's hubris-filled tower, he confounded our spoken languages, not the kernels and API standards used by computer programs.

By approaching things rationally, let us seek to avoid logical pitfalls.

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