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October 3, 2013


Subject Discussion
OS XIf you ask an Apple Genius "what is Mavericks?", he or she will grin and say "Oh, that's Apple's new operating system named after Mavericks Beach in California!" {snicker}  Not all Apple retail employees are fork-tongued snakes — only most of them are. The real definition of Mavericks is found in the dictionary. It says:
1.  an unbranded calf, cow, or steer
2.  alt.: a person pursuing rebellious, even potentially disruptive, policies or ideas
Worshiping the golden calf
So the true meaning behind "Mavericks" is a calf, much like the Golden Calf that was mistakenly worshiped by the Israelites of Exodus. A second meaning is "rebel", maybe like in George Lucas' space opera Star Wars, or perhaps rebellion against God by worshiping wrong idols.

Take a look at Maverick's official wallpaper from Apple — see how it resembles a giant wave, doesn't it? It looks just like a flood, or an Old Testament deluge caused by God or Global Warming.

If you want to be dumb, go ahead and download the full resolution wallpaper to display on you desktop. This is very foolish though...