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October 22, 2013

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln poster (2011)        Lincoln poster (2012)

Abraham Lincoln (U.S. President)

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln had the same first name as Abraham of the B-ble. Both men faced trouble with slavery, but that's the only similarity they ever had. Still, this link is strong enough that Lincoln as a symbol was bound to be hijacked by politics, and two sneaky movie directors did just that. They went and re-wrote history.
Tissot Abraham Sees Sodom in Flames
The real Abraham Lincoln didn't swear or have an annoying wife. Nor did he pose for movie posters by dropping his trousers to moon the American Right (see poster above).

Abraham of the B-ble begged with God not to destroy Gomorrah or Sodom for their swearing. Also, his wife Sarah was impregnated by some sort of abduction phenomenon. Nobody seems to know how else a woman in her 90s could have had children except by such means.

Notice how the American five-dollar bill was recently redesigned to show a look of disgust on Lincoln's face toward the Right. It looks nothing like Mathew Brady's portrait of President Lincoln, nor any historical source. Perhaps the U.S. Treasury hired Google Doodle to draw their new currency? Possibly.