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October 8, 2013

Fox Logo

Subject Full Color Analysis
Fox logoThe Fox News logo is very offensive based on color.  It appears rather harmless, but the logo is actually shaped like a giant blue millstone that's slowly grinding away at a shrinking red base.  (The center eye-hole where grain gets poured in isn't shown, because that would be too obvious then.)

Millstone Anatomy That's the key purpose to Fox News in the first place: to attract stupid rightists, so they can slowly be made into stupider leftists. Notice how all of their viewers complain "Oh, Fox is too liberal now!"  Meaning that Fox no longer supports blind pointless convention, but instead supports blind pointless progress as favored by democrats.

Conservative viewers are being fooled by Fox News... Good! They deserve that.

What is totally unacceptable is the misuse of RED by air-headed anchor girls, plus wrongly associating this color with the Republican party rather than with Chinese Communism and other lovely ideas such as pretty red roses.