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October 23, 2013


Left image: Philip Sears / Corbis, Right image: via Canadian Press
All About Kenya
A lot of Republicans go hard on their president because of his black Kenyan looks. They say Obama is an actor who is pulling a scam based on Photoshopped birth-papers... But take a look at the pictures above, and decide who are the real scammers who should be thrown out of government.

On the left is a 4x4 pickup truck, filled with gun-toting Good Old Boys. They are relaxing in the sun while engaged in something no less than a classic Southern swindle. This "drill" scenario came complete with a mock funeral and a brigade of online agents who attacked anyone who dared question the story being reported. Try to imagine if Chinese officials had done this: how would it be reported by NPR, Reuters, and Fox News? They would say, "Blah blah blah, state-run media, Tiananmin Lama hackers…"

(The FBI may want to check their diversity quotient too, Alabama being over one-quarter Black population.)

Now look at the photo on the right. Those are real Kenyans responding to terrorism by al-Qaeda. They are not just acting — they are scared for their lives!! And unlike USA shootings, they can't just pretend that a mentally ill Buddhist did it for lack of adequate "health screening" or something.

Sadly, the average Kenyan soldier is so poorly paid that they now stand accused of looting the mall they were sent to liberate. Maybe if they could make up fake kidnappings, then they wouldn't have done that...

Kenya's army, too, could use some diversity training.