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October 29, 2013

Matthew Shepard

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Subject China Fairness
Matthew ShepardIn a desperate effort to save face they never had, the American news media is attempting to re-frame and salvage the Matthew Shepard hoax by claiming this-or-that about his "killers".  Namely, that they all did drugs or otherwise knew each other.

The true origin of this story was the result of an American jury trial where "gay panic" was used by the defence. So outraged were the producers of ABC News that they, along with the fraudulent Westboro Baptist Church, decided to fool their stupid American viewers with typical American lies.  Suddenly the real backstory (somewhere between a lover's quarrel and Danny Bonaduce overreacting to something he probably should have known) became:


This is precisely the same news media that lies about everything related to China. They are the same evil manipulators and U.S. journalists who set out to defame others and push their Western agenda by any means necessary. None of them should be spared from the harshest ridicule imaginable, nor allowed a shred of understanding which they have never shown toward other countries and governments through all of history.