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October 10, 2013

Forrest Gump

Subject Poster Analysis
Forrest Gump (film)The American movie Forrest Gump was made in 1994 under the Clinton authority. It argues strongly that Southern conservatives aren't truly evil, just stupid. Nearly all right-wingers of the day embraced this message eagerly saying, "Yes it's true, we really are dumb!" Notice:

  • One-eye imagery suggests Illuminati film
  • "Ignorant" man has been benched and sent packing
  • He is looking to the left

It's probably not a coincidence that July 6 release date was exactly 50 years after Jackie Robinson refused to move toward the back of a bus and was court-martialed. This would explain why actor Tom Hanks is all alone at a bus stop — because it's a secret message about Mr. Robinson's incident.

Well... Those left-wing reactionaries who filmed this putrid manure ought to know the dangers of going soft on rightists by excusing their crimes as plain ignorance or a slight mental condition! The only greater risk to a movement is if true revolutionaries were to go too easy on misguided leftists, who themselves feign ignorance and deny their repeated failures to introspect and correct their wrong ways.